Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What? Me? Worry?

I'm certain that Noah is powered by a diesel engine. There could be no other reason for the constant hum and grunting he's been doing lately. And bystanders without fail say something about him trying to dirty his diaper. While that too is accompanied by grunting it is paired with a beet red face and his mouth stretched into taut straight line. A mother knows these things. I was a bit worried that all his grunting was a sign that his Reflux symptoms were bothering him so I asked the advice nurse at my pediatrician office. She asked if he seemed happy otherwise and I said yes, so she quickly dismissed my concern saying that then he was obviously fine. And one of Mark's coworkers said all three of her sons went through a grunting stage - so I guess all is well. Must come up with something else to worry about.

How about Autism? Mark and I saw a snippet of a show on TLC on Sunday night about amazing mothers. They profiled a woman who had three autistic sons. The symptoms for Autism are not normally recognized until age 2 - so by the time this woman's first son was diagnosed she had already had a set of twin boys who were also later diagnosed. Just learning that kids are diagnosed later and that the cause of Autism is unknown got me worrying about it. I spent an hour yesterday doing research online. I learned that though most kids aren't diagnosed until later there are some early foreseeable signs that are not recognized. For instance autistic infants typically avoid eye contact and show little interest in animals, people and social interaction. After the research I felt very relieved because Noah is very engaged by animals, people and the world around him. Must come up with something else to worry about. The plague possibly.


Missuz J said...

I TOTALLY went through a phase when I was worried about autism. Also, right before I had Sophie, I watched a program about these huge birthmarks that babies get that practically eat them alive. I wrote down the name they gave about the only doctor who could treat them just in case. Motherhood sometimes seems like one worry after another.

Kelly said...

I already do this. Maybe because I genuinely cared about the kids in my daycare classes, but I worry like an expert! I wonder if it'll get worse when I actually have kids. If so, I have 1-2 years to learn to stop worrying so I can start worrying again.

patrice said...

I have heard the grunting. bella went through a similar, but short-lived, humming phase. I think she genuinely enjoyed the way the low noise tickled her throat.

I would be worried about the plague, though. I hear it's making a comeback in the form of baby noises.