Thursday, May 19, 2005

No sleep til Brooklyn. Or the car ride to Collegeville.

Anytime I take Noah on a car outing I must do very precise nap calculations and maneuvers. Noah WILL nap in the car but only if he needs a nap – so since anytime I get in the car it means about a 45 minute drive I’m always juggling his nap time in the mix with our trip planning. On Tuesday when we went out to lunch with my mother I put him down for his 9 am nap and woke him up after an hour (instead of his normal two) so that when I had to leave at 11:45 that he would be sleepy again. Today we head to Collegeville to visit my cousin Tammy and her children Aelan and Evan. It’s about an hour ride and we’re supposed to be there at 11 am. If we leave at 10 am then I have to prevent Noah from falling to sleep at his normal 9 am time. This means that for the next hour not only will I be trying to get together the diaper bag, dress him and pull myself together – but also preventing a sleepy, cranky baby from taking a nap. He's already moaning and rubbing his eyes. Should be fun.


Missuz J said...

I hated nap juggling when Sophie was small. You're such a good mom. (That last comment seems a bit random, but it's what I think every time I read your blog.)

NME said...

I was about to make some crack about how you can think that until Child Protective Services takes me away - but then I remembered I just told you to take a compliment. So thanks! I can't think of a nicer one to receive.