Thursday, May 12, 2005

No picnic today

Feelin' kind of blue today. No big deal really. It'll pass. Just don't have anything too much to rap about today. Noah needs routine - but this can be a bit dull for me some days. I'm enjoying being home but it's not all roses every minute. But what is? And it's even harder when you know that some people think anyone that stays home is just plain lazy. Stupid people.

Tomorrow I might go to Jersey to check out the JC Penney's home sale. We need a kitchen table that isn't so rickety that Noah could easily topple it on to himself. We have to baby proof soon. It seems like SUCH a huge task. Maybe I can just convince Noah that he'd prefer to be carried for the duration of his life.

Anywho. I guess that's it for today. We're going to go for a walk when Mark gets home. To the liquor store. I feel like there is a lovely bottle of red there with my name on it. And Survivor is on tonight. I'm not sure who I want to win this one. Ian, maybe. I like a man who trains dolphins.


patrice said...

allow me to sing you (virtually of course) a song made famous by big bird.

CHEEP CHEEP chirp chirp, cheer up cheer up cheer up!
CHEEP CHEEP chirp chirp, cheer up cheer up cheer up!
chirping's the way to keep our spirits up, so...
CHEEP CHEEP chirp chirp, cheer up cheer up cheer up!

Jen O. said...

And it just so happens that Ian resembles Mark in some ways. Is it a coincidence that you want him to win? Hmmm.

Survivor + red wine sounds so perfect. Enjoy it. Use those big wine glasses you have, the ones that perfectly accomodate a whole bottle of wine in just two glasses. I will be packing all night, and wishing I wasn't.

Missuz J said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hope the blues pass soon. Personally, I'm consitering a nice big Crown and Coke. Sometimes a girl just needs a couple o' shots of whiskey.

TD said...

Lazy? Are you shitting me? When I hear about your day, I usually think to myself (after a mind-numbing two-hour meeting about NOTHING), "Damn. That was eeeeeeasy."

Enjoy your wine and TV. You deserve it!

NME said...

Nothing works like Big Bird - except maybe whiskey.

And I will admit that the tall thin Ian does remind me a bit of my Mark. Though Mark was a bit exasperated at all Ian's whining last night.

Thanks guys!

Kelly said...

God bless Survivor. Ian's my choice now that Tom has started strong-arming women to get his way. Maybe someday Katie will get her s&%t together and not follow his lead.

TD said...

NOTE: What I meant was when I read about YOUR day, it makes me think MY day was easy. Not the other way around.

Did someone say whiskey?