Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Food? No. Grass? Yes.

Noah and I took a walk to Liberty Lands Park this afternoon. We should take walks often but I’m always putting it off for some lame reason. I’m expecting a return call or a package. Noah needs to eat/sleep soon. I need to start a load of laundry, or god forbid blog. And sometimes it just seems overwhelming to have to get the stroller and a bag together to just take a short walk. But I need to do it more often. It feels good. For the most part.

It is a lovely spring day. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. We got to the park with little intrigue. I found a spot of grass under one of the little trees and put down a blanket before unleashing Master Noah from the stroller. And his reaction – “This green stuff is phenomenal! Must pull out every strand and hoard it for myself.” He just went wild for the grass. And this boy who loves to eat but won’t put any food into his own mouth began stuffing grass in there. He was like a determined grass eating machine that I could not defeat. So I decided to feed him the pureed carrots I brought. He gobbled them down as usual. I needed desperately to wipe his mouth with something wet. So I used a wipe. The ones for his butt. I doubt they are intended as face wipes but I was in need. And then I returned to his attempts to eating the grass. All the while smelling the distinct odor of dog excrement – and wondering how many dogs wiped their butts on the grass he has in his hands. But I tried to put those thoughts aside because it was really a nice little trip. And we should do it more often.

And then it was time to come back. That was not so nice. On the walk home Noah started caterwauling because he didn’t want to be in the stroller. This boy can not stand being in restraints. After several attempts to pacify him in the seat, I took him out. So now I'm carrying him with my tendonitis hand and trying to steer our monstrous stroller. It was painful and difficult. And then I almost saw a two year old get run over by a car because her mother let her wander out into traffic. My heart just about stopped for a second. It was such a close call that people at the intersection were screaming in their cars. Thank the gods that little girl hadn’t taken one more step. And then I forgot about my aching wrist and how the stroller sucked and I got my prized Noah home.

We definitely need to get out more often. It’s good for both of us. But next time I take the stroller I think I’ll also bring the Bjorn, a bigger blanket and some face wipes. And I’ve discovered that if I cover the floor with Gerber Puffs and sat Noah on top of them he might actually try to put some of them in his own mouth.


M.Thom said...

I think those wipes are pretty multipurpose. I used to use the unscented ones to wash my make-up off my face at night, and most babies I know get their butts, hands, face, and other dirty parts wiped with the same type of wipes. They also, interestingly enough, are phenomenal at getting the ink from stamp pads off of rubber stamps.

Kelly said...

Baby butt wipes are the all-purpose cleaning miracle of the century. They can even get crayon marks off tables at school! Amazing. Truly amazing.

And Noah's just trying to show you that he likes healthy food! Grass HAS to be good for you, dog butts and all.

Missuz J said...

Face wipes? Is there such thing? A wipe is a wipe is a wipe in my book. They're great for wiping everything--and work great on my leather sofas. ps--The grosest thing I ever saw soph put in her mouth was a dead moth. Grass is just good fiber.

NME said...

Who knew? Here I thought I was guilty of some cardinal sin for using the diaper wipes to wipe his face. And not only is that fine, but wipes are some sort of wonder cleaning product - though there is no surprise I didn't know that since my cleaning knowledge and practice are about nil. Thanks guys!