Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Can’t blog much. Must clean. Visitors this afternoon who’ve never seen our house. Which means tour. Which means must make attempt at cleaning EVERY ROOM. And Noah didn’t sleep peacefully last night. And isn’t sleeping peacefully for naps either. Cleaning with teething awake but tired infant is ridiculous.

I think that is it for today.


Kelly said...

Ooo, I hate cleaning. Which is a problem for someone who likes things clean. Good luck!

Jen O. said...

Don't sweat it! They realize you have an infant to care for -- cleaning is a luxury.

Marksthespot said...

I agree with Jen - if both my aunts visit, they've had 12 kids between them. I know they get it.

Of course, being co-responsible for the cleanliness of the house, I have a vested interest in denying its importance.

patrice said...

I'm sure you can't wait until you can make noah do the cleaning for you. which really is the best reason for having kids.

you always say your house is dirty and I have yet to see it that way. you're cleaner than you think!!

have fun, we'll miss you this afternoon.

Kodi said...

I find obscure places to hide my junk, and my daughter's room is a total loss. The outside shed is stuffed full from emergency cleaning. I'm sure they will be totally enthralled with the baby, and not notice anything else.