Monday, May 02, 2005


It was another busy weekend. Saturday morning the whole clan went grocery shopping at the crack of dawn. I just didn't have the stamina to do it all by myself on Friday night, as is my usual. It was nice to do it with company on Saturday. Mark wore Sir Noah in the Bjorn - which gets him out of bagging and loading the car, so it's a pretty sweet deal. Soon Noah should be able to sit up well enough for the Floppy Seat - a large mushy fabric contraption that sits in the cart seat and protects infants from grocery store coodies. It should be of no surprise that Mademoiselle Bella has already mastered the Floppy Seat.

Saturday afternoon Mark and I cleaned while taking turns manning the baby. Mark tackled the living room/dining room and I worked on the kitchen. Of course the house still seems like a shambles. A couple of hours spent cleaning this place is like spitting into the sea.

Sunday we traversed the countryside to Qtown to visit with my mom and Larry, who is again out of the hospital. It was a lovely day and we spent a couple of hours watching my stepbrother Brian and his son Nathan move around old cars and scrap metal with the backhoe. My step-father is a general contractor so I grew up in a home with our own paver, backhoe and dumptruck. Not too impressive for a girl - but the little boys in the family think it's marvelous. Nathan spent a whole year saying only the word "truck" and my Uncle Jim's kids would spend an hour just sitting behind the wheel of each piece of machinery making "vroom" noises. Noah was already transfixed by the backhoe. I guess the color, the noise, and the movement are quite a spectacle to behold. I made sure to tell him however not to get too strung out on testosterone because I intend on raising a bookworm. Books, movies and music are fair game - but cars, sports and hunting are not on the agenda here. At least not on my agenda. Which means of course that Noah will be a sports-playing, deer-killing Nascar fan.

Then we went to a baby shower for Janette thrown by her sister Jacquie. Three infants and two pregnant ladies attended this shindig. Talk about population explosion. Janette looked radiantly pregnant and is due in three weeks. I predict we will be welcoming another bouncing baby boy - red haired, blue eyed and weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces on May 19. I can't wait to meet him!
Noah woke up this morning with a cough, congestion and sneezing. Nothing is quite as adorable and sad as an infant cough. He's been pretty clingy in the last week with little patience for playing independently, but he's still a smiley little trooper though he's not feeling in tip-top shape. He's been doing a lot of groaning when he plays lately and I'm not sure if it's related to not feeling well or if it just his new thing. There is a dull hum emanating from his direction and it could be his lack of patience from not feeling well or he could be testing out his voice. His mumbly-grumbly little voice. I have to remind myself that it isn't strictly a negative sound because he'll be groaning away, playing with a block and then look up at me with this big grin on his face.


Kelly said...

I've decided that Baby Bjorns or slings may be one of the best baby-inventions ever. And I remember with fondness the phase of humming. There was a point at the daycare when I had four babies all at the same age, and they all hummed ALL DAY LONG. It was cute at first. Then I started actually taking my morning/afternoon breaks because I felt like I was surrounded by large, mobile, flourescent lights.

Oh, and if Noah grows up and ever wants to go to a Nascar race, I'll probably have an extra ticket. We go every year. (That may be reason to ban me from your reading list, but I've done well not going on about it so far.)

NME said...

Ha! No disrespect to race fans. I have plenty of family members that watch Nascar - including a few members that drag race their own cars. It's like a foreign language to me though. In fact all sports are. I don't understand spectator sports.

Kelly said...

I actually took James to a race last year. It was his first public sporting event of any kind. I was shocked! I grew up in Texas, for crying out loud. High school football is a big sporting event! Oh well, he's a Nascar junkie now too.