Tuesday, May 31, 2005

That song sung by that old cat in that wierd musical

Mark and I were in need of some sheering so Saturday morning we set out with Noah to get our haircut. After Noah was born I was lucky enough to meet Julie - who cuts our hair in her home for a nominal donation. Though we loved our former stylist Amanda, her price is now a bit above our means so a switch was in order. And at Julie’s place I play with Noah on the floor while Mark gets cut, and then we switch. Plus Julie has two adorable little girls of her own. We hope to become better friends with her and her family.

After we were shorn, and Noah took a nap at home, we went for a stroll to the park. While lounging in the grass we observed that a storm seemed to be on the horizon. In a heartbeat the sky turned gray and the wind whipped up with a fury. We chucked Noah in the stroller and RAN all the way home. Trash and grit were blowing around in the wind as Mark jet-propelled Noah towards home with his baseball hat pulled down over his eyes. I could barely keep up – running in flip-flops, out of breath and trying to support my damnable breasts. I was not made for running. After that adventure we tackled the Home Depot and bought some flowers and grilling equipment. That junk adds up. And then soon to bed with us all.

Sunday morning while Noah napped I planted some flowers in my sad attempt at a container garden in our concrete slab of a yard and bought a case of Heffeweissen – a perfect beer for warm weather. Mark installed the new car seat. Well – the second new car seat. The first one we bought had a factory defect so Evenflo sent us a replacement. In his efforts to get the replacement seat in the car Mark ripped off a part of the seat cover. Why do they make this stuff so damn difficult? I’m going to call and bitch and see if they will send us a replacement cover. In the afternoon my mom arrived and watched Noah while Mark and I went to a new breakfast/lunch place in our hood called Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. We sat and ate. I had two scrambled eggs, bacon, a potato latke, and toasted challah bread. Mark had sausage and biscuits AND bacon – because you can never get enough pork products. The food was good and the place is adorable. Oh- and they had high chairs there – so next time we can take Noah.

After our meal we returned home to Noah and my delighted mother who could not stop gushing about how adorable he was and did not want to return him to us. So we all went to the park. I was excited for my mom to see how the park is normally overflowing with small children and parents – of course there was virtually no one there. Figures.

Yesterday Patrice, Sean and Ms. Bella graced us with their presence. We memorialized Memorial Day by gnoshing on burgers, potato salad, cherry pie and beer – while watching the wee ones ooze adorable-ness. They stared and poked at each other. There was nearly a cute overload. After many unsuccessful rounds of Phase Ten, Sean came back to eek out a victory and to make Mark eat his words – “Anything is possible in this game, except of course Sean winning.” It was a lovely day.

We are very excited to welcome Janette’s son Jules into the world. Noah and I made a trip to Toys R’ Us this morning to pick out a welcoming gift. Of course they didn’t have the book I wanted to give Janette or Bella’s fish bowl that Noah was coveting over the weekend – but we got some stuff for both of the boys. Mark should never let me go to a Toys R’ Us alone – it’s too dangerous to the check book. It all looks so fun and educational.

We must now prepare for a hike to Reading Hospital. Wish us luck.


patrice said...

luck! I can't wait to see jules!

Jen O. said...

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