Friday, May 27, 2005


We watched Hotel Rwanda last night. It was incredibly moving, heartbreaking and aggravating. This sort of violence and fear is unfathomable to me. I’m very thankful that my life thus far has been so safe and so sheltered in comparison that I can’t even imagine such atrocities. And I hope that Noah’s life is equally as blessed.

Hotel Rwanda did not portray actual gruesome acts of violence. The director explained he took great pains not to give people a reason to avoid seeing the film. On the special features section of the DVD they showed footage of Paul Rusesabagina touring a mass grave memorial site. When they were about to enter a section dedicated to children, I had to leave the room. As a new mother the thought of innocent children being tortured and slaughtered is the most painful. But of course we are all someone’s child.

Normally movies of this nature cover wars and atrocities that are more removed by the passage of time. It is stunning to realize that not only did the Rwanda genocide take place only ten years ago, but that similar carnage is taking place in Sudan. And again the US hesitates getting involved.

Check out Amnesty International.

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patrice said...

but how about we (the US) make sure that the oil is safe. I mean the people in that area of the middle east. that we blew up making sure the oil was safe.

I haven't seen hotel rwanda yet. it's on our list.