Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beware of THE MAN

Ms. Bella’s tube operation was a success and she and her parents are at home recuperating by eating brownies and marshmallows.

Or trip to Jamaica is in less than five weeks and I have little else to wear but ill fitting jeans and threadbare T-shirts. And I believe patrons at a resort might be expected to dress a tad better than folks on the beach at Ocean City. So Noah and I were lucky enough to spend yesterday afternoon shopping with Grandma. Actually, I tried stuff on, Noah ran around in circles, my Mom chased him and then paid. I have to admit that I feel some shame about being a 31 year old woman who’s Mom has to take her clothes shopping, but more than that I feel lucky and thankful. My Mom actually thanked me for letting her be so generous, and for being good natured. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really like to clothes shop for myself and the experience often ends with me lashing out at anyone in the general vicinity. It’s really pleasant for all involved. But not only was I in a generally good mood yesterday, I also reminded myself how the proper repayment for generosity is not bitchiness. When I did tell Mom I felt a little sheepish having her shop for me (and Noah and Mark), she said “I’m glad you’re at home taking care of my Grandbaby.” It nearly made me cry. It saddens me sometimes to think that there are those that don’t value what I’m doing, that it’s right for US, but it’s even more moving to realize that the people who really matter DO. Exotic vacations and new clothing are certainly things that we could live without, but it’s very nice not to have to.

Noah is a regular artiste lately. All he wants to do is draw. “Jaw? Jaw?” he says as he moves his hand back and forth in the air as if he’s scribbling. On Tuesday we must have spent three hours drawing – not consecutively mind you, but a bunch of little sessions. I have NO talent, so I make sorry attempts at snakes, sheep, cars, bears – things he’ll recognize. And he just scribbles on top of them in a variety of colors. He LOVES it.

I can’t believe I have gone this long without telling you about THE MAN. Almost a month ago we were watching an episode of Teletubbies (go figure) and Noah saw something that changed his life. Each episode includes a computer animated segment that is sort of surreal – like the dancing bear he loves, or a butterfly (my personal favorite*), or the body of water and ships that materialize and then disappear. In the episode we were watching, the weird thing was a pink house. And in the house you could see the shadow of a figure running back and forth from room to room, until he opens up a window, sticks his head out and begins singing opera. SOMETHING about THE MAN IN THE HOUSE is unmistakably evil. And he made Noah cry, scream in fact. Maybe it’s that he’s a scary looking puppet like Prince Tuesday, perhaps it’s because that house belongs to the dancing bear and THE MAN is clearly an intruder, or possibly Noah just isn’t a fan of opera. Whatever it is, since that time Noah is haunted by that man. Several times a day he will bring him up to me with a worried look on his face. How? Well, he pantomimes opening up a window, does his sign for Teletubbies, gets a sad look and shakes his head NO. And I say something to the effect of “I know. You don’t like the man in the house. He’s scary. But he’s not here.” And now he asks me to draw a house by using that same motion, but then I have to reassure him that it isn’t THE MAN’s house. I keep thinking that maybe we need to see that man again, that maybe Noah’s moved from frightened to curious – but if he hasn’t I will feel SO BAD. I don’t want him to be any more traumatized by that evil, intruding, opera puppet man.

And since we were on the subject of Teletubbies once again I have to mention how cute it was when Noah saw the ride-on Noo Noo vacuum at the Montgomeryville Mall and started making the suction noise he makes (and that Patrice LOVES.)

Today Noah and I went to the Please Touch Museum for two hours with Susan and Frannie and this afternoon we’re headed over to Holly’s to play in the sandbox. Tomorrow Marita and Louis are coming to our place to visit in the morning and on Saturday we’re going to spend a few hours with the lovely Bella. But we need more babies. MORE. Spring is promising to spring real soon and with it will come a flurry of activity. I was finally invited to join the Northern Liberties Babies email group, courtesy of Marita, and I’m already getting a million emails about Moms who want to get together and area kid friendly activities.

* Though the other Tubbies are clearly taken with the butterfly when it lands on Dipsy he mumbles “Ahhhh. Get it off. Get it off.” It makes me laugh every time.


Marksthespot said...

I can vouch that it's all true - the man in the house stalks Noah's memory all day, every day; Dipsy hates that fucking butterfly; and Nicole laughs at Dipsy's dismay.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Was the Man on video or live tv? If video/DVD/DVR next time Noah brings him up ask him if he wants to watch it with you - maybe if he's moved beyond the fright he will tell you yes. If he freaks then my guess is the EVIL MAN SHOULD BURN!

amandak said...

Isn't it funny what kids choose to be afraid of. Zach's been terrified of Bear (from Bear in the Big Blue House) since he was tiny. He would literally scream and cry when Bear came on the tv. No Idea Why. He's gotten over the screaming and crying, but will still ask to have the channel changed if so much as a commerical comes on with Bear on it, and tell me, "I don't like that Bear."

I wondered if I should try to diffuse his fear by watching some of it with him, and reassuring him, and all that, but it didn't come anywhere close to working. We just had to wait it out.

patrice said...

that is both adorable and hilarious. I love it. he's such a little person. I love that he has quirks. I have to see THE MAN, too - I have to know what he looks like.

I love the sound of noo noo slurping and snorting, it's not at all horrendously disgusting and highly disturbing.

Katiemagic said...

King Friday always scared the shit out of me. Poor sweet little Noah!

A please touch museum sounds awesome. I wish we had something like that here.

So many fun things to look forward to!

Missuz J said...

Oh no! I think the man sounds scary too!

The teletubbies have grown on me a little since Soph was tiny, but they still freak me out.

Kodi said...

Kiri never was afraid of anything she saw on TV, that I can remember. When she was 7 years old I rented "Clash of the Titans" for her to watch, cuz I remembered there was a cute mechanical owl, and flying horses in it. I forgot about evil swamp man and Medusa with the glowing eyes and snakes in her hair. Poor kid had nightmares for a while after that one. Stupid mommy.