Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Time for Tubby Bye Bye

Monday seemed to go well. Tammy arrived and didn’t faint at the sight of our shabby cleanup job. The kids all seemed to enjoy the museum and Noah has seemed to finally have gotten over his fear of those animatronic chickens in the barnyard section. And I actually remembered to take my damn camera and take some pictures this time. I’ll post a few shortly.

Me-time Monday was pretty much a wash for me. I was so tired I knew if I sat down to read I’d just fall asleep – which is what I did last Monday. So Mark went into the basement and I watched some crap I had DVR’d and then went to bed early.

Yesterday Noah and I went to BJ’s wholesale in South Philly. I spent a lot of money on large quantities of staples. Among other things I came home with 12 cans of green beans, 18 cans of soup, 35 granola bars, 3 jars of pasta sauce, 4 boxes of pasta, 3 marinades, 2 giant BBQ sauces and 8 boxes of rice side dish. Oh, and I bought a box of frozen mini quiches which are meant for party snacks, but are also great for feeding a toddler.

We stopped into the Petsmart in the same shopping center only discover they didn’t have much in the way of pets there. Some fish, some parrots, one chinchilla and a guinea pig. But they did have a few cats that were up for adoption. There was one in particular who kind of stole our hearts. If the adoption representative had been there I might have adopted him on the spot and showed up on my friend Tracey’s doorstep with a little surprise. To which Mark replied “That is NEVER a good idea.” In the evening Noah and I took the El to West Philly to meet Mark after work for passport photos (for Jamaica) and Indian buffet.

Today we are trooping out to Reading to see Ms. Janette and baby Jules. It’s been quite awhile since we were out in her neck of the woods. I hope Noah does well in the car. Since the days of two naps are over I know he’ll be awake at least one whole leg of the trip, and that terrifies me.

Oh. So TV. You all know now that Noah watches some TV. What you don’t know is that in the last two weeks he has become obsessed with one particular show. Teletubbies. All he wants to watch is Teletubbies. He loves them. They are his new friends. And he wants to see them frequently, to which Mama has had to put her foot down to some degree. But he wants it SO bad, and he has a sign for it. See, every time he turned on the TV and a different show was on he’d make the sign for “more” and I kind of thought he meant he wanted more Teletubbies but I couldn’t be sure. So the other night I said Teletubbies a few times while rubbing my stomach with my hand. He picked it up right away. Now he says “tee… tee” and puts his hand on his stomach. He even does it during the show when they aren’t on screen. He says “Hello” and “Bye Bye” to them. He puts his hand over his mouth when they are surprised. He dances when they dance. It really is cute. And frightening. Mark and I have decided that I could easily ween Noah if we could get him a LaLa that squirts milk.

Well, I best get packed up for our Reading extravaganza. Oh- I am WAY behind on reading and commenting on blogs. I’ll get around to catching up tonight hopefully. Hope you are all well.


patrice said...

I have that stuck on an endless loop in my head now. time for tubby bye bye. time for tubby bye bye. time for tubby bye bye.

I miss janette. I hope that sometime on a weekend, maybe the 3 of us can get together.

when you first said you bought a lot of staples at bj's, I of course took you literally. I was like, how many things are you stapling at home??

next me-time monday, you should go somewhere. like with a friend. like to the movies.

lonna said...

I don't even know when Teletubbies are on around here, so Dermot never got to see them. I think that he's probably a little old for them now. We bought him a boo bah that dances and plays music, but he's not that into it. He's really just all about Elmo these days and that gets really old.

I think it's really cute that he created a sign for Teletubbies. What a smart little guy.

Katy said...

I used to babysit a kid who LOVED the tubbylubby's (his word not mine, I called them the tubo'lardies) He would wake up, we would watch the Fox and the Hound, that would end just in time to watch tubbylubby's (and the last 10 minutes of Barney if we were lucky) and he'd go push play on Fox and the Hound again. I TRIED to get the child to play and do something non TV related but he would not here of it.

And in High School I had a "friend" who insisted everyonce call her LaLa. She literally wouldn't answer to anything else for about a month and a half.

I was confused about the staples too. In fact it didn't even occur to me that maybe you didn't mean actual staples until I read Patrice's comment. Is it Spring Break yet?? Can I pleeeeease have my brain back?

Allison said...

I too took you literally on the staples. I kept wondering why you would need a lot of staples! DUH! It didn't even occur to me that I misread this until I read some of your comments! Noah is adorable as always. I really wish we had a please touch museum where we are!!!!

KATIEmagic said...

How cute is that! He's got little tubby friends. A movie for me time monday sounds like heaven to me.