Monday, March 20, 2006

Hope hope hope

This weekend everyone seemed a bit out of sorts. We went to see my Mom on Saturday and she was sick as a dog. Mark started feeling a bit under the weather and I felt just exhausted, like a rung out dish rag, but not really sick. And Noah… something is up with him. I hope it’s still the teething. The nonstop evil teething, and not the beginning of a new phase. Please NO. He has of late become more obstinate – letting out a little shriek if we take him away from something and whining more when he isn’t getting his way. And for the last two days he’s even been a bit tantram-tastic. We’ve had a couple of prolonged loud wailing episodes that included throwing himself down on the floor. Now I know he’s not feeling great because his sleep last night was piss poor. In fact it was one of the most sleep distrurbed nights we’ve had in a long time – so I’m holding out hope that the sleeplessness and whatever is causing the sleep disturbances is also responsible for his short fuse and emotional outbursts. And I am praying that it isn’t the dawning of a new day.


Allison said...

Sometimes my kids seem out of sorts before they are coming down with a virus (cold or similar), but hopefully it is just teething for Noah! I know mine both act different when teeth are cutting (or are close to) through. My son has been out of sorts for the last week now, having major meltdowns and sleep has been awful too...maybe it's contagious :) I'm not sure what his is related to, but I did notice that he hasn't cut any of his 2nd year molars yet (he's almost 2) so maybe that is it. Hang in there! I know some days I am so afraid that my sweet, easy-going boy has disappeared, but he ALWAYS comes back!!!! I know Noah will too!

patrice said...

let me know how it works out. bella's been in one of those phases for a week now. I've accepted it as the new norm so that I can be pleasantly surprised if she reigns it in and is peaches again.

I can't imagine noah being obstinate, though. he's always so sweet when I'm there. I'm sure he's just storing it up for when I leave, though.

stupid teeth.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Maybe it's the full moon - If it's any comfort my kids are no longer throwing fits (of course they're all married and don't live with me anymore)

lonna said...

Dermot always gets crazy before he gets sick and when he's teething too. I really hope that he goes back to being sweet little Noah for you. I know what a struggle we have had with Dermot's obnoxious behavior. I hate to say it, but it must be even worse when it's around you 24/7.