Friday, March 10, 2006

Let the sunshine in

Spring is in the air and we’re all chomping at the bit for the warmer weather. Today we had not ONE but TWO “play dates.” (I know how much you ladies love that term.)

This morning we received a call from Marita, mother of 22 month old Louis, who lives around the block from us. She called to invite us to come over and play in their sandbox. Her and her husband bought the two abandoned lots next to their row home and as a result have an enormous outdoor garden space. I had only met Marita a few times in dealing with the Kensington South Neighborhood Association, of which she is now the president, and I’m excited about the prospect of having another area mother and child with whom Noah and I can spend some time. I felt like things went well, despite the fact that the boys barely interacted. Damn you, parallel play. Conversation didn’t seem awkward, I just hope I wasn’t SOO chatty and inquisitive that she found me annoying. It happens. I also had the whole cry-it-out /weening conversation with her and she gave me advice but not in a demeaning or mother superior type way, which is a good sign. This sounds SO totally Jr. High but - I hope she liked me!

This afternoon we’re headed to Liberty Lands Park to meet with Susan, Frannie and a new neighbor who just moved into the area with her little girl. Mark says at this rate we’ll need to start a Mommy gang and buy matching jackets. How sickening is that idea? I wouldn't wear such a ridiculous monstrosity, unless of course grey pleather were involved.

Today’s lovely weather had me pulling back the insulating plastic wrap and throwing open the windows. Of course it’s also caused every yahoo and their brother to blast their car stereo to noise pollution levels as they cruise past my house – while Noah’s napping, of course. Ah… warm weather in the city. I just hope Noah is desensitized and oblivious to the noises of revved engines, emergency sirens and howling neighbors or we’ll get even LESS sleep.


patrice said...

please...what was her weaning advice????????????????

{sniffle} can I associate gang member?

lonna said...

That's great that you are finding some other local mommies. I wish that I had even one.

It's 60 here today, and it should be a little warmer tomorrow. We're so excited about taking Dermot to the park. Hopefully it won't be too wet. We've been cooped up here all winter. The only nice days have been during the week while he's at daycare.

Missuz J said...

Our S Utah "spring day"

amandak said...

It's been acting like spring here all winter, until last Thursday. NOW we get winter? NOW??? Somehow it just doesn't seem fair.

KATIEmagic said...

If she doesn't like you I'll come kick her ass.

What, no pink mommy ladies jackets for NME?