Monday, March 06, 2006

Poor acceptance speech

I suck at accepting compliments. Especially such overwhelmingly sweet and over the top compliments. My first inclination is to write a long post about how you’re all wrong – listing everything I do that others would disapprove of and everything I think I should do that I don’t. But I won’t do that this time. Partly because it’s time consuming and I don’t have the time to waste on my self doubt. And partly because I’ve come to learn that by dismissing someone’s praise you’re also dismissing the person who gave it to you. When I lived in Rockville MD with the band I worked at a vocational service agency that offered career preparation and counseling to less employable populations, and one of those was women. In particular women returning to work after raising a family and older women who wanted to change careers. My boss Roberta was a bit of a motivating feminist, and she often talked about women’s issues. Often I flash back to her telling me that many women were programmed not to accept compliments. That if you told a woman you liked her shoes instead of saying “Thank you” she’d very likely dismiss the compliment by saying “These old things?” or telling you how she bought them cheap. I am TOTALLY one of these women. So in the spirit of Roberta I’ll just say thanks for your kind words and also thank you for the inspiration and guidance I receive from you all on a daily basis.
So the reason I haven’t blogged is that I was just feeling bored and boring. I mean how many times can I recount incidentless trips to the grocery store, the Walmart and the pet store? When Mark mentioned I hadn’t blogged I told him I was tired and he could do it for me. And I think he did a really good job in relaying some of the key goings on in our house. And with better grammar, spelling and a new fresh voice. I hope he chirps in with details every once in awhile.

The Teletubbies devotion continues at our house. When I went to Walmart on Friday I intended on buying a plush “Tubby” doll so the boy could love it, kiss it, hold it and swear his undying devotion forever and ever. But aside from DVDs they had no Teletubbies merchandise. When I got home I did an online search to find out what store was carrying the stuff- and the answer was NONE. Well, none in the US. The only stuff I could find was from the UK or used. So over the weekend I won an eBay bid for four small plush “Tubby” dolls from a mother trying to lessen her storage. Unfortunately none of the dolls lactates, but I’m hoping that Noah will attach to one enough that it will later be a comfort to him at bedtime.

I did get Noah some Play Doh when we were at Walmart. I was SO hyped to have him try it and to have another fun activity to do with him, and I was sorely disappointed on Friday when his overwhelming reaction to it was to decide he didn’t like the feel of it on his hands. He’d touch it and then make this “EW gross” face. But we played with it some more since then and he seems to be enjoying it. We’ve gotten to calling it “squish” since those were the directions I’ve been giving him on how to play with it. Mostly though he just wants to watch me make snakes.

We go to Jamaica in less than 7 weeks. And I’m overly paunchy and not yet pregnant (dammit) so I have to go on a diet. I’d like to lose 12 pounds. Of course I have no real plan or agenda for that weight loss. I’m thinking it would be best if it fell of magically while I went about my normal daily life with no alterations. Cross your fingers for me on that one.

While I was typing this Noah put a yogurt covered raisin in the mouth of his singing Leap Frog Tad doll. SO cute. OH and favorite cute Noah thing – he breaks into song when he hears The White Stripes “There’s No Home For You Here.” We’ve listened to that album about a Majillion times and the first time he sang along to the “AHHHH” part I thought it was a funny fluke, but soon realized he did it every time. I have to videotape it and post it – though I have NO idea how to do that.


patrice said...

you're welcome.

time for tubby ebay. you know I wasn't sure about playdoh for this age. I thought maybe they needed to be older to appreciate it (I'm not worried about eating it or anything like that) but if he likes squeezing it, maybe she will too. lately she's been into eating crayons. it makes pretty poop.

diet. eeeew. good luck.

lonna said...

We have talking Po and talking Tinky Winky. Before I had a child I had a fascination with bad kid tv. I also have a dress me Banana in Pajamas. I bought myself the Tinky Winky and then I bought Po for Ethan. Now I am so sick of kid tv icons. DEATH to ELMO!

For a long time Dermot enjoyed watching me make balls or snakes out of playdough and then smashing them when I was done. Then, of course, I had to do it again. He still does a lot of that, but he likes to use plastic cookie cutters too now, but I still have to flatten it out for him.

Katy said...

So I just had to tell you,
A) You're great.
B) My mom saw my christmas picture of Noah that I have on a shelf in my room and said "oh who is that adorable little boy?" The cuteness of your is just everywhere.
C) I to have issues with accepting praise. I am rarely so graceful as to actually brush it off with a "This old thing it only cost me a penny" i usually just say "Whatever" and wave my hand in the air. Really need to work on my thank yous.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

That is the number one thing that my husband has "nagged" me about for over 26 years now. When someone compliments you - you say "Thank you" and that is it - no further comments. Hmmmmmmm maybe he should try shock therapy because I still have no power to walk away with a "Thank You" or an "I'm sorry" I can't accept those either.....but that is a whole different set of issues!

I love Noah stories! Play doh is awesome but the grandkids always smash my artwork - it hurts my feelings and I go to tell the adult and then realize I AM THE ADULT! Smashing and crashing are what boys do best :).

Missuz J said...

Janz loved to sing that Smashing Pumpkins "Despite all my rage" song at about 2. Little boys. Sigh.