Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just a little squished

Noah had a hard day. This morning he slammed his little finger in the bread drawer. I panicked thinking it was broken but soon realized it was just squished. We washed it and applied a bandaid, but it made Noah cry so we removed it. In the afternoon, during a visit from Frannie, Tripp and new neighbor Stella, Noah dropped a can on his foot. I panicked thinking his toe was broken but soon realized it was just squished. And tonight while taking him downstairs after his bath, my slippers caused me to lose my footing sending us bobsledding down a few steps before I fell on my butt to stop it. Noah was facing behind me and I heard a loud thump as we fell – his head hit the top wooden planked step - he started screaming and in that fraction of a second before I turned him around to get a look at him I envisioned my boy a bloody mess. I panicked thinking he was broken but soon realized he was just squished. He’s got a hell of a bruised lump, but he seemed as right as rain as soon as we stopped trying to put ice on his head. I still feel rattled, freaked out and guilty about the fall even though I realize it was just an accident. It scared the crap out of me and I’m having a hard time coming out of it. I’ll likely be peeking in on him frequently tonight to check on him, that is if he isn’t already waking. During his toothbrushing tonight Mark and I realized that the remaining flesh over his second molar looked like a meaty mess. Poor little guy. What a day.

I have to mention that Mark was a genius at the ice thing – to ease Noah’s mind about having the ice put on his head for short increments Mark also applied ice to his own head and mine. We counted to seven and then the next one got a turn. Noah still didn’t love it – but it calmed him down quite a bit.

On an up note for the day, it was nice to have a gaggle of Moms and babies come for a visit at teatime. Noah and I walked to the local bakery earlier in the day to pick up a treat for our guests and I was nearly giddy about the festive green iced and besprinkled cupcakes that we got. Nerd.


juliloquy said...

Poor little guy! You can explain to people that he got into his first St. Patrick's bar brawl. ("You should see the OTHER toddler!")

That was a great idea with the ice pack rotation. We try that stuff when cutting Shmoo's nails. If he resists, I pretend to cut my husband's nails, he mine, and then we give the clippers to Shmoo to "cut" our fingernails. This morning, he also took off his sock to get to his toenails. Of course, this was all pretend and we didn't get any real nails cut. But oh well, it was fun.

patrice said...

I have totally fallen down on steps like that SO MANY TIMES. usually because I have stepped on the cat who then freaks out and then I try to step on the edge of the stair and slip and fall. actually, my sister broke her tailbone falling down the stairs like that.

green cupcakes. ugh. normally I'd be all "excellent" but I had to stay up late last night making green cupcakes of my own for bella.

lonna said...

I hate when Dermot gets hurt and I am in any way involved. It's amazing the level of guilt a parent can feel for a simple accident. I'm just glad that Noah was okay in the long run. It sounds like he bounces back quickly which is a wonderful quality to have.

Katy said...

Once when I was maybe 13 I was babysitting my three cousins and their 2 neighbors. Well, I was carrying the little girl down their stairs and lost my footing and went down hard flat on my back with her on top of me. I thought I broke my back. The boys came running and took the little girl who was more scared than anything and I just laid there thinking "I have 5 kids in the house. I can't move. OMG What am I gonna do?" then I realized I could wiggle my toes and that I was probably OK. I did have a bruise across my back like somebody hit me with a baseball bat but at least we were both ok. Glad you guys are ok too though I'm sorry to hear about the head smacking.

KATIEmagic said...

I'm just waiting for the night when in my sleepy haze I round the corner and smack is head into the wall.

Hooray for fun with other grown ups!