Sunday, March 12, 2006

A weekender

For us here in Philly, Saturday’s weather was even nicer than Friday’s. (Sorry Utah!) And we had a really lovely day. In the morning Mark took Noah to the Rec Center playground while I vacuumed – which is, I’m sure, the way we’d all love to spend a Saturday morning. Luckily I got it done in a jiffy. When Mark got home he was pissed that some neighborhood kids were pouring juice down the sliding boards, making them unusable, but Noah still had a good time just trotting around the baseball field and climbing a mud hill. After lunch we loaded up the wagon and jaunted out to Princeton Junction to pick up Mark’s best friend Ed and then head over to Ed’s brother’s house in Mercerville. We were very happy to meet baby Audrey, Ed’s four month old niece and also spend time with her parents AJ & Amy, her Grandma Diane, and of course her Uncle Ed. Surprisingly we talked about babies. Go figure. Then Mark, Ed, Noah and I took a stroll around the marina at Mercer County Park before going to Chevy’s Fresh Mex for dinner. Dinner was mexi-licious. Noah was great during dinner, but he and I lit out to the Petco across the parking lot while the men waited for the bill. There were snakes, ferrets, rats and fish to be seen – and some steam to run off after sitting in a high chair for an hour. And after a stop at Ed’s to ready the boy for sleep, we set off home.

Today we indulged in kitchen and bathroom cleaning. FANTASTIC! And this evening we’ll partake in a greasy food buffet and an open bar at a neighborhood fundraising party. Kids are welcome and our area is swimming in ‘em, so it’ll probably get quite crowded. I’ve found some of our neighborhood parents to be a bit standoffish and cliquish in the past, so it should be interesting to see how the evening goes down. Luckily we are meeting Noah’s pals Frannie and Tripp there, and I believe their parents will be there as well.

Tomorrow Noah and I set out to Malvern to have lunch with my Mom at her place of business. She’s been dying to have me bring Noah to her work so she can show him off. I’ve been resisting because the drive time will be as long as the visit, but I think after lunch I might do some errands like getting the boy’s hair cut. Though naturally my agenda will depend on Noah’s whim. As always.


patrice said...

oh my god, your mom must be so stoked.

sounds like a marvelous weekend. and how did the neighborhood thingie go?

amandak said...

oooh, vacuuming. awesome.

lonna said...

Hooray for better weather and an excuse to get the boy out of the house.