Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Icky sticky

Last night I told Noah he couldn’t nurse anymore because my breasts had been amputated. He wasn’t buying it.

Needless to say we had another really rough night. I didn’t sleep at all until 3:30 am. It all started at 10 pm when Noah kept waking up because he was too congested. So I had Mark set up the blue sofa in the office with blankets and pillows and then I tried to sleep on it while holding the boy in a more upright position. That worked for him for awhile, though I couldn’t really sleep. At midnight he just completely woke up, and stayed up until 3:30 am, despite many attempts in between to return him to sleep. The nice thing was that last night he was pretty playful and jovial when awake, as opposed to the crying the night before. We read books and built towers of blocks. He was running a bit of a fever and producing tons of goo but didn’t let it stop him. What a little trooper.

And now he’s sticking stickers to the walls. Patrice told me that Bella stuck stickers to paper at daycare, so we tried it here. I bought some of those garage sale stickers, you know the round brightly colored ones to use for pricing. Noah loves to peel them off the sheets and stick them. But not just too paper. To toys, to walls, to himself. I’m sure it’s not a good precedent to set, though I have a hard time reprimanding him about it since they come off so damn easy.

Well, best go start our day. Our sleepy, snotty, fun-filled day. Oh, and Happy Vday y’all. Have I told you lately that I love you?


patrice said...

hey, as long as they come off, that's fine! I love when little kids stick stickers to their bellies. so cute.

hm. have you tried giving him a decongestant, at least before bed so he can sleep?

and...happpppy valentime's day! (if one more person says "times" to me instead of "tines" I'm going to scream.)

lonna said...

Teething and colds are a deadly combination. I hope that you guys find something that allows both of you to sleep.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Missuz J said...

I may be the worst mother in all the land, but a hefty dose of Benedryl did and does wonders for sleepy-time when Soph had/has a cold.

Hooray for stickers. Hope your, umm, nipples feel better soon.

juliloquy said...

Oof, you poor things! You must feel ragged. Those middle-of-the-night wakings are the worst. Here's to good sleep and good health SOON.

NME said...

I gave Noah Benadryl both last night and this afternoon. And not only did it not help with his congestion, it also seemed to keep him awake rather than put him to sleep.

But thanks for the suggestions guys.

Allison said...

I was about to suggest Benadryl and then remembered that some kids have adverse reactions to Benadryl (causes excitedness or alertness instead of sleepiness), luckily neither of mine have this reaction. Sounds like Noah must have this awful reaction. Unfortunately, Benadryl is only an antihistimine (which only helps with sneezing, itchy runny eyes, etc.) and to help with his congestion, you would have to give him Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) which also causes alertness. My son can't tolerate Sudafed at all, so we never use it. It makes him irritable and very UNSLEEPY! The Benadryl knocks him out, but doesn't solve the congestion problems. Are you using a humidifier? Wish I had a magical potion that would take it away for you!!!

Stine said...

I would love to have seen Noah's face when you said your breast had been amputated.

Power to stickering. What a great child activity.