Monday, February 27, 2006

Bowled over by the weekend

Last night Mark said “So… when is the weekend starting?” It’s not that we did anything particularly taxing or spectacular this weekend. It’s just that it seemed to go fast, and without a moment to sit down and chill.

We had my sister Jessica visit this weekend. Noah is absolutely enthralled with her. And rightfully so, since she has the energy and inclination to repeatedly chase him squealing around the kitchen table. It’s good she likes babies – she told us this weekend her mom is expecting again in August. And as her baby brother or sister is born she’ll be nearing babysitting age.

Since Jess was here we didn’t get around to doing our weekend chores, which means the house is in some disarray. And right now I should be cleaning up for my cousin Tammy who is arriving in 45 minutes with her two kids. After lunch we’re taking the toddler brigade to the Please Touch Museum. Yes, again. Well - I bought a yearly membership so I’m gonna use it. Maybe even weekly. I have to get the boy out of the house.

I could tell you what we did this weekend but it’s hella repetitive. We did the same old stuff we normally do – pet store, Ikea, out for breakfast, etc - but this time we had Jess with us. The big exception is that we went to Lucky Strikes Bowling Lounge for Susan’s birthday party. I’d never been there before and was really impressed. It was a great place for a little private party. I’m really excited now for the bowling lounge they’re building in our neighborhood. Jess, Noah, Mark and I had a great time – and we even bowled pretty well. Except for Noah. He stinks.

Well – I’ve got to go scrub my sink. Because I’m sure while my cousin is chasing her 17 month old and three year old around that she’ll have a moment to take a gander at my disgraceful sink and nod her head woefully at the condition of the home in which Noah is forced to live.

Oh and I got no sleep last night. Surprising, right? I thought so.


patrice said...

I wanna go bowling.

how was the party? you have to email me and let me know. I'm sure it was super exciting.

sometimes the "please touch" museum sounds dirty.

Missuz J said...

We've gone from never ever bowling to bowling at least once a month. It's such a family friendly thing for us (no smoking in the bowling alley here) and since it's cold as fuck, a nice big indoor space for Soph to cruise in.

I concur with Patrice re. dirty sounding museum.

lonna said...

Boy, I miss bowling. We have two choices here. One allows smoking and the other is in the Union on campus. I don't really want to drag Dermot to a college kid friendly place yet. Maybe when he's older. I'm glad that you got enjoy some sister time. That sounds very nice.