Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Straight from the Parisian Runway

Though yesterday was lovely, and we had a nice visit with Janette and baby Jules – the morning started poorly. We were up at 5:30 am and I was beat. Trying to get out the door was a comedy of errors. I kept running willy nilly around the house trying to pack diaper and toy bags, dress Noah and get us out the door. I couldn’t put Noah down because he was getting over-tired and ready for a nap – in preparation for the car ride. So I had him in one arm while trying to think of everything I needed and gather it all up. Of course this meant I went from the third floor to the first – then realized I needed something else on the third, then back on the first, then the third again, etc. I was in the home stretch when Noah reached for my coffee cup and to keep it out of his reach I dumped it on my jeans, the floor, his bed, and the outfit I was planning to dress him in. I was already running late so I merely dropped a towel on the floor and didn’t even consider changing my now soaked pants. I had a hard time trying to pick out a new outfit for Noah because of the heat, my needing to do laundry, and how he now fits best in a 3-6 month shirt and 6-9 month bottom. Finally he was dressed and I was stacking everything for the trip by the door. URP – Noah did his best Linda Blair and spit up everywhere. It splashed on the floor, my other pant leg, and my flip-flopped foot. Sheesh! When I finally got in the car and pulled away from the house I realized that not only were my jeans obviously stained with coffee but I also smelled distinctly of regurgitated yogurt. Thus is motherhood.


Katy said...

I hear spit up is totally in this season.

patrice said...

oh my, how I laughed. because really, what else can you do?

luckily you were on your way to a place where there was an equal amount, if not more, of spit up.

and I believe that the stair-running is actually excellent exercise.