Friday, June 24, 2005

Food, folks and fun.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time rearranging our bedroom so that we can move Noah’s crib up there. As I mentioned a cajillion times I’m not ready to move Noah to his nursery because he still feeds at least once in the middle of the night and I don’t feel like hiking down the stairs and to the back of the house at 3 am. But we have to get him out the bassinet because he’s started trying to pull himself up. He’s such a big boy now – soon he’ll be the one moving the furniture around. Though decoratively I think I prefer the old setup, the new one makes the room a lot more spacious. So now that there is a designated space for the crib we have to take the thing apart to move it upstairs. I’m not looking forward to that. It was quite an ordeal assembling it to begin with. I hope we all survive.

Tomorrow we are going to Green Lane Park to spend the afternoon with my mom’s family – Mom, Grammy, Aunt Jill, Cousin Tammy and her husband Tom and two kids Aelan and Evan, and my Aunt Donna who is visiting from Ohio with my cousin Tracey’s daughter Tyria. It’s going to be a scorcher tomorrow. I might have to bring a water gun so I can shoot myself. But if we can find some shade it should be a lovely afternoon. We’re getting together for Donna’s visit and also to celebrate Tyria’s fifth birthday. We don’t get to see Tyria often because she lives in Ohio, but it seems that soon we’ll see her even less. My cousin Tracey, her mother, does not have custody and her father is in the military and about to be stationed in Texas. I keep wondering if Tyria will grow up continuing to know this part of her family. It’s a sad thought but one I have because I know from personal experience that with a disjointed family people move in and out of your life. A couple of years ago I was thrilled to spend time with my ex-stepsisters Barbara and Cathy –I hadn’t seen them for over ten years and was quite sad to lose touch with them when my Dad and their mother got divorced and they moved to Florida. But hopefully though we might not see Tyria consistently, she will come to know us some day.

Noah has got a toof! One of his front teeth has erupted from his gum and it’s quite sharp. I want to get a picture of it but it’s still pretty slight and Noah won’t keep his mouth open long enough for me to capture it on … well not film, I guess in megabytes? Today is grocery Friday and I plan to buy him some biting biscuits. If it occurs to him to put them in his own mouth he should enjoy them. Golly that boy can eat. Part of the reason I gained 75 pounds while pregnant with him was because my appetite was insatiable. In fact I felt sick only when I wasn’t eating. And I seriously believe that there is a correlation between my voracious pregnancy appetite and that little ravenous boy. I swear he would eat and nurse every hour on the hour if I would feed him. And he never thinks he’s full. He’ll just keep eating until he starts to spit it back up. Crazy little glutton. Well I better get in gear to finish my grocery list, select the appropriate coupons from my stash, and pack up a bag for any grocery/baby emergency that may occur.

Have a good weekend!


Marksthespot said...

1. Despite the fact that I balked when you told me you'd already rearranged the furniture, I think I might like the new set-up better. I'll re-assess tonight.

2. Is that really the spelling of Tyria? For some reason I'd always pictured it as Tyrrhea.

3. Someday I will get distracted while feeding Noah, and he will gnaw my hand off to the wrist.

Katy said...

With his one toof! So many mini-milestones! It's so fun to hear about another baby growing up. Now when I talk to my friends I have a little Noah and Bella moment. My friends don't know who i'm talking about and they don't understand when I try and explain it to them I always get "That's your nephew right?" I guess part of the fun is confusing people.

Kodi said...

Grocery shopping with a baby. Sometimes I miss those days, when I'd dress Kiri up in her cutest outfit and go to the grocery store. I don't miss the screaming or pooping while at the store, however.

patrice said...

you forgot to tell me you posted, and I missed this on friday!! damn!

the tooth has emerged! woohoooo!! all the better to bite you with, my pretty.