Monday, June 13, 2005


Noah has a few new tricks. Not only has he gotten better at sitting up for longer periods of time, but when he leans for something just out of his reach he puts one of his hands down to support himself. He still does flop onto the floor from a sitting position – but often it’s intentional as he likes to roll around grabbing at things. In fact he enjoys sitting on the floor surrounded by toys now more than he does being in the Exersaucer. The foam alphabet mats that I put down for extra padding when he played have become a toy unto themselves – he enjoys pulling them apart now. He’s gotten good at grasping the beach ball that I roll at him and he’s also learned how to get the multi-colored donut rings of their center post. It feels like each day is a new discovery – for us both.

My mother came to visit yesterday and it was like Christmas in June. Excited by how he now plays, she brought Noah an army of new toys. If this kid doesn’t know his alphabet by the time he’s two then Leap Frog has failed miserably.

The weekend flew by. Friday night Mark and I watched Finding Neverland. I really enjoyed it – and even teared up, not just for want of Johnny Depp. Saturday felt a bit grueling. Mark had to work half a day because he works for a local university and it was the day of commencement. I’m alone with Noah more mornings than not – but when the weekend comes and I have less time with Mark it makes an impact. I was feeling kind of low and tired. Of course Noah’s new 5:30 am wake time certainly contributed to that. He’s been waking up at precisely 5:30 for the last week and a half no matter what time we put him to bed the evening before. I never got the memo but he must have some early morning agenda. My lethargy was compounded by Noah’s plaintiveness – he seemed to whine all day long. Teething is a horrible ordeal. I’m not fond of the idea of sharp objects slowly pushing their way through my sensitive gum flesh. Though I had wanted to get some cleaning done once Mark came home, the three of us ended up taking a long nap and then skulking around the house until bedtime.

Yesterday Mom and I went to tea at the Bellevue – as a belated Mother’s Day celebration. Those of you who know me know that I developed an appreciation for having high tea when I studied abroad in London in 1994. As a result I really enjoy checking out different tea spots when I get the chance and I’ve never been to the Bellevue before. Inexplicably this was the first time I went to tea with my mom and I suggested it because not only is my mom impossible to shop for, but I thought she would enjoy the experience. I think she did. But how is tea at the Bellevue you ask? Though the Ethel Barrymore room is lovely and the tea sandwiches were the best selection I’ve had in Philly, the scones were tiny and the Devonshire cream wasn’t very thick. Overall I think I still prefer tea at the Four Seasons. The service is better and the harpist adds a nice touch.

Patrice’s flight left for Vegas last night. I had hoped I’d have a chance to call her yesterday afternoon before she left for the airport, but I was out with my mom. I’m sure she had a tearful goodbye with Sean and Bella at the airport and I suspect the next couple of days are going to be very difficult for her – but I do hope she is able to enjoy herself a bit. Today is her 31st birthday and it must kind of suck to celebrate it on her own, far from her family, but we’ll just have to send her our love telepathically.

Today Noah and I are off to Reading to visit Ms. Janette and Baby Jules. Pictures are sure to come.


Missuz J said...

Tea time. Do you think we could start kind of campaign to have it reinstated her in the states? Having never actually partaken of Devonshire cream, I can only assume that it is as delicious and fattening as it sounds.

patrice said...

THANK YOU FOR CALLING ME ON MY BIRTHDAY! you are seriously the bestest friend ever.