Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Milestones inches away.

Big things are happening at Casa de Eggerts. Noah’s first two teeth are eagerly anticipated and expected any day now. You can see his swollen red gums straining to keep the teeth in their midst – and you can feel the sharp pointy fangs with your fingers. We’ve had the poor boy dosed up on Ibuprofen because he’s obviously in pain. The Orajel and homeopathic teething tablets weren’t cutting it. Of course my breasts aren’t too eager to meet Noah’s teeth. I’m already doing research on how you can prevent an infant from biting you when nursing. Ouch! As soon as we can get this kid to drink from a bottle regularly I might have to start the weening process.

Locomotion also seems on Noah’s horizon. He has recently been getting into a crawling ready position. Any day the boy might take off. And no – we haven’t yet baby-proofed. We’re waiting for Noah’s first attempt to throw himself down the stairs. That will be an excellent sign that it is in fact time to get it done.

Mark is home this afternoon. He had a comp day coming for working graduation. Tonight he and his best friend Ed are attending a retirement dinner for their high school drama teacher. This means I'm seriously considering going to bed at 8 pm. Especially since I was up with Noah and his tooth pain from 3:30 to 5 am. Have I mentioned teething sucks? And this is only the first set!


patrice said...

sean said that noah's teeth are like riiiiiight there. exciting! and crawling!!

I think bella is going to go right to walking, but not for a while. she still can't roll over.

Kelly said...

In my experience, the first teeth are the most traumatic. After that, it sucks, they're a bit fussy, but nothing like the first ones.