Monday, June 20, 2005

Hola Padre!

Sunday was Mark’s very first Father’s Day. A holiday that never before applied to him and will now always pertain to him. Noah and I got him the new Spoon CD, “The Wasp Factory” - a book off his Amazon wishlist, “Kite Flyer” - a fictional novel set in contemporary Afghanistan, and The Beatles song book. He seemed pleased enough. We’re a book and CD giving sort. Then we went to breakfast at Silk City Diner. At 7 am. You heard me – 7 am. Since Silk City Diner is open 24 hours on weekends we have been there very early in the morning many times, but only after being out all night long. Silk is real busy til 4 am and again after 10 am – but at 7 it's pretty empty. We had a lovely meal and were home by 8. In the afternoon we headed to Central Jersey to spend time with Mark’s Grandmother, his Dad, and his Dad’s wife Sylvia. Once again Sylvia made about 20 different things to eat and I felt sick from overeating the whole rest of the afternoon. I feel compelled to take just a little of everything which results in eating an insane amount of food. Sylvia spent some time showing me a bunch of saris that her daughter had brought from Canada – Sylvia is half English and half Pakistani, raised in Pakistan but lived in Toronto for many years before moving to Jersey to live with Mark’s Dad. The detail work on many of the saris was incredibly beautiful. I wish I had a reason to wear one. Grandma Laima spent a great deal of time telling me how much it sucks to be 95 – everything hurts apparently. But she still has her wits and whip-smart attitude. We gave Mark’s Dad a lovely photo of Mark and Noah as well as a movie theater gift certificate so he can take poor Sylvia out of their apartment. They really need to get out more often. And of course Noah played contentedly and basked in the attention of the crowd.

I knew Mark was going to be an amazing father. He’s so thoughtful, sweet and caring. I knew he’d want to be an equal partner in raising a family and I knew he’d have so much he wanted to show and teach a child. What I had not anticipated was how silly he could be. Mark is funny – but it’s his intelligence, wit and sarcasm that make him so. So it’s a surprise to see him make Noah smile with goofy faces and funny dances. But it’s even more surprising and heartwarming when he’s not ashamed to do it in front of others.

Mark – it’s only been seven months but I’ve got to tell you that you’re already doing an exceptional job. I couldn’t have picked a better father for my children. Thank you for all that you do for us.


Kodi said...

You are very lucky to have a husband like that. I seperated with my first husband when I was 6 months pregnant, and did the baby stuff all alone. In a way, it was great because I know my daughter is the wonderful teenager she is all because of my amazing mommy talent. But it was also hard, and a caring man around during the first few years would have been heaven sent.

patrice said...

I love that mark is so silly. I love seeing him interact with noah - and even with bella, because he's changed now in that way. you can tell he's comfortable in his role, after just a short time. for a guy who didn't know that the picture on the diaper went in front, he's certainly become an adept and nimble father.

how's it feel to read about yourself in the third person, mark?

NME said...

I can't even imagine how hard it is to do alone. Single parents should be commended for all their hard work.