Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The best laid plans

I had plans today but I cancelled them. I woke up this morning feeling less than lovely. Near dead in fact. I’ve got a remnant of that damn cold and a restless Noah kept me in and out of sleep from 4 am to 5:40 am, when he decided to fully awake. I felt like the couple of hours until his morning nap were endless – but we both caught an hour and a half of sleep and now I’m a new woman. Well, more refreshed anyway.

Yesterday morning Mark and I decided we wanted to go out for Indian food. In the afternoon Mark did research to find out which buffets were open on a Monday and then called to make sure they had a high chair. I picked Mark up and we went to Tandoor at 40th and Chestnut. When we got there and sat down we found out that their only two highchairs were being used by a woman who was there with two small children. As a result we couldn’t stay. Mark wondered if there was a way to reserve a highchair - but I suspect not. It sucked in a way – but we ended up going to Thai Singha up the street and having the Early Bird special. Mark and I had Thai iced coffees, soups, spring rolls and red chicken curry. Noah played with an empty water bottle and ate Gerber stars and oatmeal. It was just nice to be out to eat.

Tomorrow Noah and I are going to my Dad’s place. He bought a Dell computer last week and not only is it his first computer – he’s never really used any computer before. Needless to say he wants a little help and we’ll be starting from scratch. For me operating a computer is something I do without thinking but I’m not exactly sure how to explain it or even figure out what he needs to know and what he doesn’t. The scariest part is that neither my father nor myself are the most patient people in the world. I hope we can both remain calm.

After our computer lesson Dad is coming back to our place and spending the night. He has vacation this week and wants to spend some time with me and the monkey. Oh, Mark too. Not sure what we’re going to do on Thursday. I was considering the Zoo but it’s too damn hot – for us and the animals. I’ve also considered having him just play with Noah while I attempt to hang a bunch of things on the walls that have been set aside for hanging since I was pregnant. As you can tell I’m real motivated to get that done.

I bought a kitchen table from Penney’s over a month ago. And it still isn’t here. I’ve been told it’s being shipped from Asia. On an inflatable raft being navigated by panda bears apparently. I’m having people over on June 18 and there’s a distinct possibility it won’t be here yet. Which means I’ll be serving snacks on the TV tables Mark and I ‘ve been using as a kitchen table for the last month. If it were a dinner party I might make that my theme and serve Hungry Man dinners. Here’s to hoping those sailor pandas get their damn act together!


patrice said...

hungry man dinners! excellent!

it's nice that you'll be spending time with your dad. is noah calling him "grandpa joe" like on willy wonka? (note: link does not have any reference to my opinion of nicole's dad.)

too bad about your dinner plans. I am just in awe that you can eat indian or thai food without noah bellowing like, well, like a baby who has been ingesting curry. bella would not be a happy camper. you are a lucky lady!

hanging stuff. isn't it a pain in the b-u-t-t??

NME said...

I do call him Grandpa Joe because of Willy Wonka. Little did I know Grandpa Joe had an anti-fan club.

Noah never seems to have a belly ache so I assume he's fine. I ate alot of curry when I was pregnant with him - so maybe he's used to it.

amandak said...

I still have pictures sitting around on the floor in unused dining room downstairs from our move in January. I give myself points for actually taking them out of the box though. And speaking of boxes, my lovely husband finally unpacked the last one this weekend. Yay! Does that mean we're officially moved in? Or is it not official until all the pictures are on the walls? If that's the case, we might be in big trouble.