Friday, June 10, 2005

Popping with Pops

Often right before getting super sleepy Noah will go through a silly stage. He’ll chatter, smile and giggle more. And he thinks everything is just hysterical. Especially Mark. Yesterday at the Gallery I bought some bubbles and since our kitchen floor is in dire need of mopping already – I decided to bust them out and put them to use after dinner. Even though Mark reminded me that bubbles are for outdoors. I thought Noah would go insane for them – but instead he was more transfixed and dumbfounded. And then a bit peeved that he couldn’t catch one. Mark decided to up the ante by proclaiming “POP” very loudly when the bubbles started to burst. This apparently was a stroke of comic genius. Noah could not get enough. Every time Mark would say “POP” Noah would laugh uncontrollably. The other day Noah had the same reaction just when Mark would open his mouth really wide. Of course in the light of a new morning and a fully rested baby “Pop” gets a little smile but not the full-on laugh riot of the evening before.

After Noah wakes up from his morning nap we’re going grocery shopping. I go grocery shopping once every two weeks. The last trip I made was the first trip where I was accompanied by Noah only. I chucked him in the Floppy Seat in the front of the grocery cart and we rolled. He was great – just looking around at all the people and brightly colored packaging. I kept him occupied by letting him handle different safely packaged (of course) food products and at the end when he started getting punchy I placated him with some Gerber puffs. Thank the gods for those things. Let’s hope today’s grocery expedition goes as smoothly.

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patrice said...

those gerber puffs are like liquid gold in solid form that isn't toxic.

I had brought along bubbles to sean's dad's but we didn't use them. bubbles in the house! excellent!!

I love that babies have their silly time before bed. and that the simplest things we do make them burst with giggles.