Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wish you were here

I’m fresh from a few days of sun, surf and sand. It was a nice little getaway but far too brief. I’ve considered giving a detailed itinerary of everything we did and the lovely people we saw – but that might get a bit boring. Especially since the major happenings on the agenda were family chats, books and leisurely strolls. So let’s try to keep it short and simple and hit the main topics of interest.

The young man and the sea
Noah seemed to enjoy the ocean. I sat down on the sand and held him while the tide lapped up to us and deposited mounds of sand in my bathing suit. Exhilarating. Noah studiously observed the waves, the birds and the people. He giggled, smiled and played – doing an excellent job of both entertaining and charming everyone he met. He seems to have my skin tone – which does get a bit golden after a spell in the sun, whereas Mark just gets red before returning to a lovely shade of alabaster. If Noah’s first experience at the shore is any indication he’ll definitely be a beach baby – which makes perfect sense because it’s in his blood. I’ve heard many lovely tales of how much Noah’s Grandma Muriel loved the beach and though she can’t be there to share it with him, we hope to impart her love of the shore to Noah.

The McCormack Clan
We saw a few of Mark’s aunts (Jean, Charity), uncles (Jack, Gene), cousins (Mary, Pam, Kate, Kevin, Pat, Nancy) and second cousins (Narissa, Connor, Gehrett, Kailyn, Kristen, McKenna, Alex, Erica). I think they’re second cousins but I’m confused. Are your cousin’s kids your second cousins or your cousins once removed? Anyway. We missed a few faces that we’d been hoping we might see (Frank & Maureen, Mari & Eric, Butch & Eileen, Bob & Charlie, Phil & Marilyn) but you can’t catch everyone.

It was really lovely seeing people and hard to say goodbye thinking it may be a whole year before we see everyone again. As an adult a year doesn’t seem like that much but in a year a child becomes an entirely different person. Next time they see Noah he will be SO different and people will have missed so much. He probably won’t even be recognizable. It’s sad for me to think about.

The vacation shift
A beach vacation is always about relaxing, but the beach was a bit different this time around. We went out for breakfast at 8 am, read out on the hotel deck while listening to Noah nap on the monitor, waited to hit the beach until early in the evening to spare him from the harsh rays, stayed briefly so as not to over extend his cheerful demeanor and saw the boardwalk only during the daylight hours. We got Noah down to sleep at 9 pm both nights and headed back out to the hotel deck with books, the monitor and a bottle of wine in hand so we could hang out a bit before hitting the sack ourselves. It was far from a party – but really wonderful in a whole new way. I really look forward to going to Ocean City, NJ with my mom and the Milliceccobachs at the end of August.

Hogwarts Beach
After finishing Harry Potter this morning it's time to get back to reality. Laundry. Dishes. And a house covered in misplaced objects. I wish I had a house elf.


patrice said...

a beach baby! I can't wait to hang at the shore with you guys, either. I imagine in my head that noah will be communicating in some kind of baby telepathy that adults can't hear, telling bella about all the cool things she can do with the sand and how to not be too afraid of the water, but don't drink it cause it tastes disgusting.

I think your cousins' kids are your second cousins. that's the rule I've always followed. I have no idea how one gets removed.

Marksthespot said...

Actually, your first cousins' kids are your first cousins once removed, but I think your kids and your first cousins' kids are second cousins (no remove). "First," "second," etc. refer to an obscure "collateral degree calculation," while the "removed" refers to generations. I found explanations here, but not very clear ones.

Missuz J said...

So glad you had a lovely time--so glad you're back.

So Sophie is really good friends with my mother in law's sister's daughter. Mr. Mark the super-geneologist--what does that make them?

Marksthespot said...

First cousins? In law? (Never heard of that distinction.)

Let's just call them lucky.

KATIEmagic said...

Sounds like heaven. I'm glad you got in some serious relaxing. And I'm glad you're back!

Katy said...

You can't see it, but this is my jealous face....