Thursday, July 21, 2005

Please won't you be my neighbor.

I was excited yesterday when Fedex delivered my second attempt at swimsuit shopping before it was time for us to go to the pool. I was ecstatic when both of the suits fit and therefore I didn’t have to go to the pool worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Hooray! I wish the retail luck had continued later in the day. Old Navy was awful. I spent over an hour there and couldn’t find a thing. The racks were sparse and my size was non-existent. And as always half of the stock was on hangers that didn’t note the actual clothing size and the other half was on the floor. The store looked like a bomb hit it. I was so frustrated I didn't even feel like waiting in line to buy the outfits I picked out for Noah. Woe is me.

Noah enjoyed the pool a lot more yesterday. He was chattering, smiling, and splashing. He’s still not thrilled with getting water on his face, but maybe he’ll improve with every trip. When we got home I left my suit on and got in the tub with Noah. This was the first time he bathed in the regular tub and not in the infant tub over the sink. He loved it. More than the pool even.

I met a few other mothers at the Rec Center yesterday. Of course by meet I mean exchanged names, baby names and ages with them. It’s so hard to get past the cursory details when conversing with a stranger. I would really like to make some neighborhood mom friends – but so far it’s pretty slow going. I guess that’s to be expected. If I met someone for the first time and they came on too strong I’d figure they were a complete and total desperate weirdo. I do have a play date tomorrow with a stranger – a neighborhood woman named Susan with an eight month old girl named Francesca. I encountered her on a neighborhood bulletin board trying to obtain information on parent groups in the area. I told her that though there is reportedly a mommy group meeting at a local coffee shop on Friday afternoons that I had been hesitating going because everyone else knew each other and the idea of walking in alone gave me ninth grade lunch room flashbacks. She said she felt the same so we made a plan to get together tomorrow afternoon in the park. I hope she and Francesca are fun.

Today we have a play date with Sean and Baby Bella in Lansdale. Noah’s dying to check out Bella’s baby pool. And it’s been far too long since I’ve seen the Milliceccobachs. Bella is probably enrolled in a doctorate program already.


patrice said...

is it 9th grade lunchroom flashbacky of me to be both a little jealous of a new mommy friend and protective of my BFF? I think so. I guess I am emotionally stunted.

I am so happy about the bathing suits. and for a split second, I was like "oh, I'll get to see them today when you come over" as if you'll be swimming in our 2 ft radius 5 inches of water baby pool. which I know you will be doing.

we can't wait to see you. and we're having a tiny lil pork roast for dinner.

Missuz J said...

I'm so shy about arranging play dates for sophir. good for you for putting yourself out there for noah. finding a swimingsuit that fits is nothing short of a miracle. congratulations

Missuz J said...

sophir--sophie--same difference

amandak said...

Wow, TWO new swimsuits that fit! It must be some kind of world record. I think I've only had 2 swimsuits that fit ever, well, since getting boobs anyways.

Making mommy friends is HARD. I have had 3 women give me their phone numbers since moving to Albuquerque, and I've only called one of them, and since that playdate, haven't heard a word from her. Did she not like me? Not like my kids? It's almost worse than dating, cause not only are you putting yourself out there, but your kids too. (Notice I said "almost", at least now I have a loving husband and 2 sweet kids to hang with every day, and for that I am eternally grateful)