Wednesday, July 20, 2005

If I had a peanut I'd give you the shell

I took a day off from blogging yesterday. I started a post but never finished it. The in-laws came to visit in the afternoon so once again it was a mad dash to do some cursory cleaning. We went out to dinner – Noah’s third night in a restaurant in a row. He might grow accustomed to this. Martin and Sylvia brought me some samosas, a lovely bouquet of flowers and a gift from Laima, Mark’s 95 year old Grandmother. Laima called me on Monday to wish me a Happy Birthday and it was a phone call that blew me away. She told me she loved me. For the first time! That is huge.

My family has always been very forthcoming with the “love yous.” I use it to end every phone call with my parents, as well as a few other family members. It’s just something I was brought up to do. But Mark’s father’s family is a little more reserved. And I’m certain that Laima doesn’t just throw it around. In fact she followed it up with “I really do” to make sure I understood. It really touched me. It’s hard work just making sure your in-laws know you and LIKE you – and love is more than I even hoped for.

This afternoon Noah and I head back to the swimming hole. I still don't have a bathing suit that fits properly. I hope I don't give the other tots a free show. At any moment my breast might pop out. I hope one of the two other suits shipping to me fits. Tonight I’m trekking to the Old Navy to spend some birthday cash on some clearance summer clothing. We’re going to the beach Sunday through Tuesday to see Mark’s mother’s family and again at the end of August with my mom and I only have one pair of shorts to my name.


patrice said...

that is big. congrats!

it's funny how different families are. we are not huggers, and we don't say I love you. it's sort of sad. I've tried saying it before, but it sounds silly. in fact, I don't say it to anyone except my kids, sean, and you, occasionally. though I wish I were more expressive.

mmmmmmm samosas.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on this huge expression of love! I'm happy that you got to hear it!

Hope you had some luck at Old Navy (I just bought an outfit there yesterday myself)! Wahoo!