Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A stone to mark the mile?

I hate baby books. They make baby milestones frustrating. Next to “First Tooth” they leave a space for a date. Seems simple, right? Wrong. We felt Noah’s first tooth for two weeks before we could really see it. And once we could see the tiny white glimmer it wasn’t like he had sprouted a full-on tooth. So on what date did he get his “First Tooth?” Beats the hell out of me. And now it’s crawling. Noah has been bobbing back and forth on his hands and knees for weeks. He fully extends himself and shuffles a bit before setting himself down. He even manages to get from one side of the room to the other – in a series of subtle butt shifting movements. But we kept wondering “Is this considered crawling yet?” So Mark and I decided that in order to call it crawling he would have to move his right knee/hand, then left knee/hand, and then right again and then left again. He would have to make repetitive movements and travel a distance. And last night he did it. So I believe my boy is now crawling. That isn’t saying that he took off down the hallway at a full clip or anything – but he’s well on his way to getting the basics down and he’ll use them if he’s feeling energetic and there’s something he really wants out of his reach. As for the teeth – he now has two clearly visible front teeth.

Noah has broken out a few new moves during playtime too. One of his new favorite toys is a kitchen pot I gave him to play with one night while I was making dinner. He loves the weight of it – and just enjoys dragging it back and forth on the floor by the handle. Or turning it upside down and listening to the ear shattering noise it makes as the rough metal edge scrapes against the tile floor. But my favorite is when he uses the pot to launch Roll-Arounds across the room. He’s also recently began handing me things and putting things inside of others. And he loves to try to pull himself up on everything – especially things that can’t hold his weight and are destined to tip over, knocking him in the head.

Today we go to the pool for the first time. The Northern Liberties Recreation Center has a “Tot Swim” from noon to 12:50 on Wednesdays, and we’re going to go check it out. That is if the weather clears up. I’m excited to put him in his little Swimmies diaper and take him in the water. I hope he likes it as much as the tub. And that I don't drop him in the water causing him to drown. No worries here. Of course this will be my first time in a public pool since I went to the Holiday House in high school. And the bathing suit I’m wearing is unbearably ill-fitting - which caused me to place an order for two new suits online in anticipation to our two trips to the shore this summer. The suits I ordered will probably fit poorly when they get here. I bought them because they were on clearance and not because they are the Miracle Suit – but I tried. And when it comes to swimsuits that is all I can do.


patrice said...

CRAWLING!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING!! go noah! or rather, please be careful not to give your mother a heart attack, noah!

soon we'll say to each other wistfully, "remember when they couldn't crawl? and would stay right where you put them?"

teeth - crawling - can starting a 401(k) be far behind??

Kelly said...

Exxxxactly! We were all excited when one of the babies started crawling and one started walking. Then a couple days later it hit us. In a class of eight, SIX are fully mobile...SIX! We can't get away from them EVER and they get into so much trouble! Ugh, but they're beautiful and perfect.

Jen O. said...

Sounds like you picked the perfect time to baby-proof!

NME said...

I wish. We didn't baby proof yet. We just made a list of things we need to babyproof. So when Noah keeps pulling on the plugs I'll use the list to stop him.