Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hello Lovey!

Noah needs a new lovey. Not familiar with the term? You obviously haven’t been reading all the parenting books and magazines I pay far too much attention to. A lovey is an attachment object that a child uses for comfort – ie. a Linus’ blanket, Knuffle Bunny, or Missuz J’s silky nightgowns. Noah’s lovey is my mouth. Scratch that – any mouth, because he’d probably stick his hands in YOUR mouth. When he’s feeling sleepy or frazzled he sticks his hand in my mouth. He pulls on my lips and scratches at my gums. In fact I’m not sure he could fall asleep without being able to put his hands in my mouth. And when he’s tired but restless at night and it takes awhile to put him to bed he can paw at my mouth for a good half hour – to the point that my lips are sore. This certainly can’t go on forever. So I need to transition him to something else he can pet. I bought this navy blue weird looking rabbit/dog crossbreed at Ikea a few weeks ago and I desperately want Noah to fall in love with it. So far he won’t even court the damn thing. Maybe I need to get him something with a big mouth.


patrice said...

haaa!!! I have seen this mouth fetish of his.

I don't think you can force a lovey on someone. as I'm sure missuz J can attest to, since I'm sure she wouldn't have picked her silky nightgowns. but you sure can try! maybe you can put the dogbit in your mouth?

bella likes to pull her own hair. or rather twirl her fingers in it and tug at it. since she only has hair in the back, it requires her to stretch her arm around pretty drastically, which is funny.

oh, babies.

lonna said...

This is my strange son's lovey. He has one in his crib at home and one in his crib at daycare.

lonna said...

It seems that link didn't work. Hopefully this will

Missuz J said...

Babies can be so totally invasive. If you'd like, I have an extra nightie or two lying around that I could sent you.