Thursday, July 28, 2005

Spills and thrills

These days a few daily crying jags are to be expected. What with all the crawling to off-limits places, trying to get into forbidden drawers and cabinets, pulling up on unstable objects, and falling as the primary way to set oneself down. There will be tears, bumps and bruises aplenty in our household – and not just for Noah. Short of padding everything and following around the boy with a stash of pillows – it’s unavoidable. I guess all we can do is minimize the damage to us all and have open arms ready for comforting and reassuring hugs.

So as you may recall I had a blind play date in the park last Friday with a neighborhood mother I met on a bulletin board. Her name is Susan and her daughter Francesca is just about Noah’s age. Though she wasn’t exactly my clone, or even Patrice’s clone for that matter – she was very nice and very friendly. She didn’t seem too judgmental and she seemed just as eager as I to have another mommy to hang out with. Conversation was easy and the time flew by. Francesca is sweet, good natured and doughy - and Noah and her got on well. We saw them at the pool yesterday afternoon but didn’t get to form a plan for our next play date because I left hastily as Noah was unhappy with the scorching sun beating down on his head. The pool rules won’t allow you to wear a hat or sunglasses in the water – which makes sense when you’re dealing with 30 tweens and teens, but not for a tot swim. I look forward to getting to spend more time with Susan and Francesca and maybe as a foursome we can approach some of the other neighborhood mothers.


patrice said...

I want a neighborhood mom friend, dammit. no fair.

she better not be a patrice clone. there's only one of me, baby.

NME said...

You've got a work friend. Susan can be my Jarrett.

Of course there is only one. I just thought it would be fun if she were just a fraction as smart, cool or funny. But there was no comparison.

Missuz J said...

The span of time where the kid is mobile, but still puts everything in his/her mouth is VERY HARD! At least it was for me. I couldn't take my eyes off of Soph for even an instant. Those were the days when nap time was a total blessing.

It's sweet to see you two fighting over eachother. I get a little jealous over my friends too.