Saturday, July 23, 2005

We'll be havin' some fun.

Today is a busy day of preparing, packing and planning. Tomorrow morning we head to Seaside Park for three days.

Mark’s mother Muriel was the second youngest of the twelve McCormack children. She passed away a few years back after a long and very sad battle with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and Breast Cancer. We don’t often see members of her family as a result of both her passing and distance - just at weddings, funerals and the beach. Mark’s Aunt Jean, her husband Jack and their daughter Mary come to visit family in New Jersey from their home in Gulf Coast Florida every summer. And because the beaches of Florida are not nearly the same as the New Jersey shore they grew up with – they rent a house in Seaside Park for a week. Other aunts, uncles and cousins buzz in and out of the beach house for a sort of sandy, sunny family reunion. I have adored this tradition since the first time Mark told me about it and I look forward to going every year. In the past we’ve just crashed at the house when and where there was extra room, but it’s hard to “crash” anywhere with an infant. So this year we booked two nights at the Charlroy Motel. It’ll be the first time some of the McCormack clan meets Noah McCormack Eggerts, and his first time meeting Mother Ocean.

We’ll be back late on Tuesday night with some color, some stories, and maybe a photo or two. Blog at ya later.


patrice said...

I can't wait to hear how noah did at the beach. we'll be waiting on pins and needles for your full report when you get home.

Missuz J said...

Missing your blog today. It's usually such a sure thing for a new post.