Thursday, August 04, 2005

She's insane if she thinks this photo shoot is going to go well. I don't just sit posed like some little doll ANYMORE. Posted by Picasa


Marksthespot said...

After looking at it for a while, I think this might be the funniest picture of Noah yet.

amandak said...

That's totally cool that you scrapbook! I was WAY into that for awhile when I was first staying home with Madeline. You look like you're probably more thorough than I was, but I thought her baby book came out cute. This is totally typical, but while Madeline's baby book is completely done, I only have 1 page done of Zachary's. I seriously need to get my poop in a group! Gotta be fair and all.

amandak said...

looking back, I guess you said photo album, not scrapbook so much. Is that the same thing? Scrapbooking is kinda crazy on planet utah, and I don't do as much as some of the moms there, mine really is more photo album. Anyways, just curious, I'll stop going off now.

p.s. I was all intending to post my shopping list from the BIG grocery trip last week, but I threw it away on accident. darn.

NME said...

I have a methodically chronological photo album, but can't scrapbook worth a damn. I am quite possibly one of the least crafty people on the planet. Anything I try to do I either never get around to finishing or I overdo until I hate it. It's sad. So Noah has a million photos and will get letters and blog excerpts from his childhood, but unfortunately I'm not able to incorporate the two.
You threw it away! You better give me some recipe ideas then.