Wednesday, August 10, 2005

He doesn't even blink anymore.

I am exhausted. It’s a three coffee cup and two lines of coke kind of morning. But they generally frown on breastfeeding women drinking more than two caffeinated beverages a day, and I don’t think they’re all too keen on cocaine use either. And it sucks – because few people could use the pep more than the mother of an infant. An infant who is trying to wean himself from the need to sleep.

Noah has been waking up promptly at 5:20 am for the better part of two weeks now. I think maybe he got himself a job and is trying to report for duty at 6 am, but unfortunately he forgot to send us the memo. Maybe he assumed they would have told us when they called for his references.

He’s also been very restless at night. I’m sure he’s waking up more often than usual because he heard the doctor tell us that he shouldn’t be waking up at all in the night. He’s obviously got something to prove. “Hey Doc, why don’t you leave my sleeping schedule to me? I know what I’m doing here. Give the advice a rest.”

Yawn. Anyway, I don’t have too much to report. I forgot to mention that over the weekend Noah climbed the stairs from the second floor to our third floor bedroom. Mark showed him how to climb the first step, Noah mastered it instantly and hauled himself all the way up to the top – with Mark ready to catch him if he slipped. Mark wanted to see if he could climb the steps because the development book says he could and also because our friend Julie said her second daughter hated being gated in so they had to teach her how to climb up and down the steps when she was very small. Of course while Noah was scaling the heights to get to our bedroom we couldn’t help but think we might be shooting ourselves in the foot by teaching him how to climb. And we’re probably right. We’ve already caught him standing up, holding onto a chair and lifting his one leg like he wanted to climb up on it. It’s no time before this kid is rigging up web shooters to scale the walls like Spiderman. A robot Spiderman that never requires sleep.


amandak said...

5:20 AM Yikes.

I think the teaching him to climb thing is probably a pretty good idea. My dad always suggested that method over using gates, as that was the method he used with us, and none of us plummeted ourselves down any stairs, that I remember anyways. Just be careful when he starts to walk (any day now it sounds like ;)). One of my most horrifying mommy moments was watching Madeline walk straight toward the stairs at my mother's house, and then right off the top stair. It was like slow motion, and I was literally inches from grabbing her before she fell, then got to chase her as she fell all the way down the stairs to the bottom. Not one of my more calm and collected reactions to kid calamity, as I think I was crying as much or more than she was.

patrice said...

you know, bella is restless at night, too! I wonder if it's the age. luckily she doesn't get up quite that early.

he's a stair climber! do you think he could get up on the roof and make sure our patch job is holding up before winter? thanks.

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

the only gate i use is to block the kitchen. the rest of the house is safe or that door is closed. climbing is fun though once my daughter learned we were doing yard work when she was a little over one and when we looked at her she was half way up a ladder so have fun and be safe. he is really developing and learning quick.

Anna said...

I really love your pics of Noah - he's such a beautiful boy!

Musikfest is in full swing, haven't gone yet, but want to check it out soon. We went to Alma de Cuba for Ron's birthday - we loved it. What wonderful and creativie dishes! Cuba Libre is definitely worth a visit - their food is also excellent, and the atmostphere is much different (Alma = elegant, Libre = festive/relaxed).

And yes, Ron brought back TWO boxes of lovely choclates from Bruges. They smell wonderful. I look forward to being cleared to try them!

KATIEmagic said...

5:20 is WAY too early! I guess he'll get to make up for it when he's a teenager.

Marksthespot said...

When he's a teenager, he'd better be up at 5 for his paper route, if he wants to eat.

grody jo-dee said...

watch out! now that he climbs, you are right--he'll climb every stinkin thing. it's liberating in terms of worrying, but now there's a whole new world to wreak havoc in (the upstairs) :)

Missuz J said...

Sophie loves the picture of Noah with cards. It inspired her to take out her Memory game and spread the cards all over the floor.