Thursday, February 14, 2008

On a royal quest... for tissues.

I got Noah a box of dress up clothes for Vday. He is delighted. We’re trying to make the best out of our snotty Valentine’s Day. Noah has had a fever since Sunday and was yesterday diagnosed with a double ear infection, pink eye AND a viral rash. They prescribed Augmentin which this afternoon caused him to soil himself. He of course missed his school Valentine party but a friend was nice enough to take his Valentines to school and bring back his treats. I am coughing up phlegm and Ray is so snotty he can barely nurse. It’s all very lovely and romantic, is it not?
On the bright side Mark came home with flowers last night – one bunch from himself and one from the boys. And this morning Noah was so excited to give me the surprise jellybeans Mark bought for him. And tonight – an Indian food feast for two – delivered of course. I hope I can taste it. If the mood strikes me I might even put on a slightly less snot covered Tshirt before Mark comes home.

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lonna said...

I hate to hear that all of you are still sick. Antibiotics can be so hard on little one's tummies. Dermot threw up every time he took any type of penicillin. He's done much better on omnicef or the kid version of zithromax. I hope that Noah bounces back quickly now that he's on medicine.

Noah looks like he has many adventures ahead of him. How exciting.

And finally, hurrah for Indian food for two. That actually sounds fantastic. Neither of the places we trust deliver, so it's been a while.