Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Captain Awesome

Noah is feverish and barely able to hold his head up. He tries to sit at the kitchen table to play Play Doh and eat some lunch but he just can’t do it. So I put him on the couch and wrap him in a blanket. He immediately asks for the TV on – why else would he sit on the couch.
“You can bring me my lunch in here.”
“You think you can eat something?”
“Yes. And watch TV too…. I’m awesome.”
“Ha. You’re funny.”
“No, Mama. Awesome.”
I come back into the living room carrying Ray as well as Noah’s plate, cup and a bowl of popcorn.
“You can’t carry all that stuff and a baby too.”
“I’m miraculous.”
“Ha. You are awesome too. We are both awesome. We are a awesome team. But not Ray.”

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TD said...

Go Team Awesome! This story brightened an otherwise cold, dreary morning. Hope the little man gets well soon!