Friday, February 08, 2008

It's on like Donkey Kong

Batten down the hatches - he’s on the move. At 6.5 months. Sheesh. And even crazier yet, he’d obviously rather be walking. As soon as he gets a little better at pulling himself up we are in REAL trouble. Especially since I think I have to actually babyproof for this baby. From across the room he can spot a small piece of tissue left on the floor from Noah “making it snow,” wriggle over to it with serious purpose because he can sense it is off limits and quickly toss it in his mouth. YUM. Love those choking hazards.

And as for the fact that I now constantly have audio for Curious George in the background of my videos – it’s now Noah’s favorite show (with Backyardigans a close second) and when he’s watching it is the only time I can get things done. Including videoing Ray Kon. As kids shows go I really like it. Fun and engaging but also educational with the science and math bent. And the online games are great too. Noah has been obsessed with playing games on all this week. We don’t watch Calliou (too annoying, not educational enough IMO) but the online games for it are great. Now that he’s mastering the mouse (what a pain in the ass that is) he wants to play online all the time. It’s hard to know how much is good and how much is too much. He's already waking up in the morning and asking immediately to play on the computer. Even at 4 am.

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lonna said...

I have one of those computer kids too. He's been on a big and youtube kick. You would be amazed at the star wars stuff on youtube. And every time he watches one, there are bunch more that look interesting to him on the side bar. I hate Caillou too. That kid just grates on my nerves like anything. We like CyberChase on but most of it is too hard for Dermot alone

I can't believe Ray is crawling. He is certainly motivated to be a much larger part of his world, huh?