Sunday, February 17, 2008

CRAPPY weekend

As if we weren’t having enough fun with illness at our house, this weekend I came down with some sort of gut wrenching intestinal disorder that has had me writing in pain and running for the bathroom. Do you know how incredibly insane life feels when you are curled up in a fetal position whimpering, unable to attend to your own needs and wanting to shut the world out for 24 hours and yet you have two over-the-top need machines literally crawling on you, begging you to play, to cuddle, to dance? I hope you don’t. I was floundering a bit. Thankfully it was the weekend so Mark was home to lend a hand, problem is the boys want Mama. Noah’s coming off an extremely clingy, needy bent because of his illness, and Ray has hit all out separation anxiety breakdown. When Mark would just take Ray away to change his diaper he was faced with an all out bloody murder scream fest. And then they would come back to me, Ray all red, puffy and tear streaked – smiling with relief at the sight of me. MOM CAN”T GET SICK.
We have plans to visit my cousin and her kids tomorrow and then go to my Mom’s place for dinner. Unless we awake to a whole new world tomorrow, it seems like a shady plan at best.
Some day I’d like to leave my house. A girl can dream.


OMH said...

Is everyone beginning to feel better? I hope so!

Katiemagic said...

Things were much the same at our house. I hope you're feeling better.