Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love those persons

This is a shout out to Mark - whom in a previous version of this song Noah called his "hero princess." And isn't that how we all feel?


Grandma said...

Thanks for my Noah fix. And to clarify, I didn't say you were favoring Ray - I said that when I hear Noah in the background and can't see him, it makes me miss him! (I'll give you $20 to prompt Noah to include Grandma in the I love you song.) I love the costumes!! What more could a kid want??

Katiemagic said...

That is SO sweet.

Sometimes I don't leave a comment because I think, how many different times , in how many different ways can I tell her how adorable those kiddos are.

But it fills me with joy every time I see an new video or picture.

You've really got some special boys.

juliloquy said...

I've finally caught up with your site. Hope you're all feeling better.

And how were you not laughing at the grand finale of this song? It's so great. Love those guys.

OMH said...

What a great preformer! Big finishes melt my heart!

But best line was "I love you three guys"........well actually that's the best in the song - the best was "but that's the end!" Which hit me as "How can I add Happy Valentines when I have had my BIG FINISH???"