Monday, May 08, 2006

Whistle while you work

It was a workhorse weekend. We originally had plans to have my sister Jessica spend the weekend with us, but that was postponed at the last minute. As a result we had time on our hands and a lot of chores waiting to eat it up. Luckily the weather was beautiful and we were able to spend some time outside so it made the work feel invigorating and not so tedious.

On Friday night I was wiped out after watching both Noah and his little friend Frannie most of the day. On Saturday Mark, Noah and I went to the Hancock Recreation Center so that I could help move dirt around in the Children’s Garden being organized by our friend Marita, the president of our Kensington South neighborhood organization. Mark chased Noah around the playground until it was time for him to drop off our recycling. When we got home we set up Noah’s new sandbox, Mark swept out our “yard” (concrete slab), and I cleaned the kitchen. The excitement continued on Sunday as Mark cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed while I straightened the first floor and put the finishing touches on the kitchen (a day later and it’s already a mess). My Mom came by in the afternoon and she, Noah and Mark went for a walk while I made dinner. You still reading this scintillating account of our weekend? I know it sounds pedestrian and boring but it was in fact a nice weekend and it felt good to have a few productive days for a change.

Random Noah tidbits:
- He’s LOVING the sandbox. Particularly burying things and then having us unearth them with the sifting pan.
- For some odd reason he’s pronouncing Grandma as “Ah-wee.” Don’t know why, but it makes me chuckle.
- He’s been having Grandma withdrawal since our vacation. He’s probably wondering why she no longer lives next door. Every morning as I get him dressed after breakfast he asks “Daddy?” and I tell him Mark went to work and then “Ah-wee?” and I explain she’s at home with her doggies.
- He’s gotten really good at holding hands while taking a walk – and he ALWAYS wants to take a walk. He also wants to climb up the steps in front of every house.
- As is our custom, one afternoon at the resort I was running behind Noah saying “Chase! Chase!” when a keenly observant guest said “No wonder you named him Chase.”
- The other night I assured Noah his bath water wasn’t hot, that it was in fact “nice.” Now everything is “NICE.” He said it today when I was hugging him and it almost made me cry.
- Almost two weeks after our vacation Noah still has the bug bites he got in Jamaica. In fact the one on his hand has me worried – it’s all bubbly, puffy and pink. I’m considering having his doctor look at it. Can bug bites get infected?
- He loves to climb in and out of his stroller. He could easily spend a half an hour doing it.
- Today I retired his high chair. My giant boy sits in his booster seat now.


Allison said...

They are so precious at this age, aren't they? About the bug bites, I know a friend of mine's little girl reacts really weird to mosquito bites, hers look kind of like what you have described Noah's to look like. Her little girl's whole ankle will swell up if she gets one on her ankle. She did talk to her pediatrician about it and he said not to worry, so Noah's is probably OK. You could always call your pediatrician's office just to ask them about it and see if they think it's something worth coming in for or not?

Jade said...

Bug bites can get infected to the point Noah might need an antibiotic cream. I would suggest taking him to the doctors.

lonna said...

My big boy just got rid of his booster seat. Can you believe how quickly all of this happens?

I agree sometimes just being together as a family and accomplishing important things makes for a great weekend.

Nice during a hug would blow my mind. How freaking sweet.

We have bought Dermot a sandbox, but we haven't gotten it out since we're moving. But he does get to play with one twice a day at daycare, and he loves it. He brings home a bunch of sand in his socks and shoes everyday.

Finally, I wish that Dermot would hold our hand while he's walking outside. Mr. Independent gets very angry when we insist on hand holding in new places or parking lots.

patrice said...

blogger's been all kinds of effed up today - I commented twice and no dice.

anyways. bug bites - you'd know if they were infected, as they would be raised and red around them. maybe bring it up at his dr appt?

I can't wait to see his sandbox - and him in it. we have to get the kids together again. I forget what all else I wrote before, dammit. anyways, see you tonite.

Missuz J said...

High chair retirement? Wow! That kid is growing up so fast!

Re sandbox: You know those little shiny glass marble/rock things you see in the floral department for putting in vases or some such? I put a bunch in Soph's sand box last summer and she loved looking for "jewels."

The weekend sounds lovely, sans weird bite thingy--which I would have the doctor look at.