Monday, May 15, 2006


Crazy weekend. I’ll cut to the big dramatic event and then go back and fill in the good parts.

Saturday night I was making cookies for a Mother’s Day Picnic at my Aunt Jill’s house. While sampling a taste of the first batch, Noah was sitting on Mark’s lap while bopping away to the music on the stereo. He threw his hands in the air, threw them up like he just didn’t care – and he poked Mark in the eye. REAL HARD. Long story short – Mark went to the Emergency room at Will’s Eye Hospital and was diagnosed with a deep corneal abrasion. He can’t open his eye, the eyelid is swollen and bruised and he is in constant pain. And unfortunately the other eye isn’t dealing great with the strain either. So he’s been basically blinded temporarily. It should heal in a couple of days but in the meantime he’s out of work and hurting. He probably can’t go back to work until Thursday – which really sucks for his coworkers since they are super busy preparing for commencement – but there isn’t really anything he can do for them other than man the phone to answer questions.

As a result of Mark’s injury I decided to postpone my personal celebration of Mother’s Day for another day – on a day when I can do a little less mothering. Noah and I went to the picnic at Aunt Jill’s place while Mark laid around in the dark at home. It seemed the best thing I could do for him was to get the boy and vacate so he could get some rest. Though honestly watching Noah nurse his ailing father was so amazingly cute. He gave him kisses, held his hand and was feeding him his snack. Adorable. Almost as adorable as watching Noah dance and hug with his 3 year old cousin Aelan last night. I think he fell in love with her yesterday. Anyway – the picnic was nice and fun but sadly lacking Mark.

Back to the start of the weekend. Friday night we had friends over. I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. Good times. I didn’t go to bed until 1 AM! My God. Saturday Mark’s cousin Coleen and her husband Atsushi came down from Central Jersey to meet Noah for the first time. They brought him the Little People Floaty Boat for the bath tub and he loves it. I didn’t know what to make them for lunch because I don’t know them well enough to know their likes and dislikes, so I made a salad assortment – a pasta salad, a tomato salad, a bean salad and a fruit salad – served with cheese, sliced meat, and rolls. It turned out really well and is now my new entertaining recommendation. After they left, we all napped and then went to the rec center playground. We had a run in with a crazy belligerent drunk neighbor, came home and then Noah poked Mark in the eye. So there you have our weekend. We had lots of laughter and quite a few tears.

Today I took Noah to the pediatrician about that weird bug bite. They didn’t quite explain what the deal with it was – but they said it was not, as I had started worrying, some weird parasite growing in his hand. Just a bit infected I guess. They gave me prescriptions for a topical cream and antibiotics. Because it’s looking a bit better today then yesterday I’m thinking I might use the topical cream for 24 hours and examine the results before I put Noah on another round of antibiotics. I’m wierded out about antibiotic overuse and since he was just on his first round of antibiotics three weeks ago for his tonsillitis, I want to make sure he needs them before I put him through that again. What do you folks think?


patrice said...

sounds like a good plan. antibiotics are awful on their tiny bellies.

which friends were over on friday?

I can't believe mark's eye! he totally has to tell that story to every girl (or, you know, boy, whatev, not being assumptive either way) noah brings home. "well, have a good time, kids, and did I ever tell you about the time that noah poked me in the eye with a cookie? I couldn't see for days!" I hope he feels better soon.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

So Noah poked Patrice and Mark in the eye? He's getting a reputation you know.

Seriously poor little guy you know he has NO IDEA what happened - poor big guy you know he knows it was an accident but it still hurts like a begger. POOR MOMMY - so much for a "special day"! Hope big guy feels better quickly (maybe enough to play with you and Noah on Wednesday or Thursday before going back to work!)

Allison said...

I think you are a very wise mom to wait and see what the antibiotic cream does first. Antibiotics are SOOO overused and all of us are becoming resistant to them. So sorry to hear about Mark's eye. Hope it gets better soon!

lonna said...

I'd wait a little bit before the antibiotics too.

My brother scratched his cornea while walking through my grandfather's corn in his garden. One of the corn silks/tassels scratched my brother's eye. He said that it was awful. He had a patch for over a week. We made all of the pirate jokes that we could, but he said it was just miserable. Of course, he had to go to student health since he was in college at the time, and you never know what they are doing for you. I hope that Mark is able to find a way to make it more bearable while it heals.