Thursday, May 04, 2006

Like sand in the hour glass

Last night Mark, Noah and I went to Toys R’ Us. I’ve been meaning to get Noah a good booster seat for over a month now, but I was putting it off because I knew if I went to Toys R’ Us I’d spend a bunch of money we didn’t have on things we didn’t really need. Last night I suggested we go to the toy store to buy a sandbox. Amazingly we came home with out the full wooden train table that Noah fell in love with but we did end up with a pool, a car ramp, some new Playdoh, a small helicopter, sand, a sandbox and some sand toys – but NO booster seat. Moron. Add to that the fact that the car ramp we got doesn’t fit Noah’s Matchbox cars because we bought it in the Toddler toys section rather than in the Matchbox section – and I feel like a major brainiac. Luckily he’s still enjoying playing with it using the two little cars that came with it and doesn’t seem too concerned when the Matchbox cars get stuck.

Noah had his 18 month checkup this morning. After his screaming and writhing at the doctor’s office in Jamaica I was a tad concerned how he was going to do at his checkup. It turns out I had nothing to worry about though because he was an angel. Doc Bidi was impressed with his behavior as she said most 18 month olds hate the doctor. But I must confess that I had a little help with his behavior. On Monday afternoon I made a doc appointment because I’ve been having sore, itchy ears. Five years ago I woke up one morning unable to move due to an inner ear infection and horrible vertigo and as a result I now take my ears very seriously. The short story on the appointment is that I have allergies. Who knew? I’ve never had many issues with them in the past, but I’ve been told it’s a really bad year for them. Or maybe they’re just Noah’s fault. Since his birth I’ve become a chocoholic who gets motion sickness – neither of which were an issue before. Anywho – I had to take Noah with me to the doctor and he watched me get weighed, and have my ears, eyes, temperature, blood pressure and throat checked. I made sure he saw me being a good patient and told him that’s how we act at the doctor’s office. After the appointment he kept saying “Mama…. Doctor… Ears.” And this morning he was even looking forward to his appointment - he nodded happily when I reminded him that today the doctor would check his ears. So modeling… it works.

Noah measures up at 24 pounds and 33.5 inches – so 25% for weight and 85% for height. Doc Bidi said he was “perfect” - good health and on track developmentally. When I told her he’s just about to start using two words together (at the park he kept talking about the “broke… swing… broke… swing) she said that was great because they don’t expect that until two years – which means as well as being amazingly adorable, Bella is a linguistic genius.


patrice said...

I can't wait to hear how he likes the sandbox. I am thinking he's going to love it.

bella is talking alot, yes, but I am constantly astounded by noah's ability to remember things and bring them up later. like THE MAN and cookie monster. he may not be verbalizing, but you can rest assured that he is talking full paragraphs in his head by the amount of information he can retain and display in actions.

Allison said...

Funny, we had a well dr. visit today too...ours was for the dreaded 2 yr. old check up...your Noah is almost as tall as my son - he was 34 inches and 28 lbs. Luckily we had finished all of our shots at 18 months, but we did have to do a finger prick for his iron level.

Sounds like you guys got some really fun stuff at TRU. I'm right behind you...we NEED a sandbox, so my kids stop playing in the dirt! My son didn't start REALLY talking until about 20 months or so, now he's saying 5-6 word sentences - including "mommy, I pooped in my diaper!"

Brownidegirl74 said...

It's amazing once they start talking. I love it!! Joseph loves cars, too!!! He has soo many matchbox cars. We use those as prizes when he goes on the potty.

Missuz J said...

Sophie has always loved her sand box. It's one of the only things that keeps her in one place for more than 5 seconds. Of course, I always forget to put the lid on, and the herd of cats next door end up shitting in it. I swear they have a sentry that watches my sandbox and makes a general announcement whenever I forget the lid. Sorry. That was gross.

If you can, see if you can get Noah to talk into the phone on audio blog so we can all hear his sweet voice!