Thursday, May 18, 2006

My issue

I haven't had much time to blog this week and I've been having issues posting photos via Hello, so I couldn't even give you some silly eye candy. Sorry.

I went out for two hours with friends on Tuesday night. I went to Azure for dinner while Mark watched Noah with one eye. The food was good and it was nice to get out briefly. I enjoyed seeing my former teaching coworkers and catching up with what they were doing. Unfortunately I came home sort of disgruntled that I didn't feel like they asked me many questions about what was up with me. Maybe because they think they know? Or because my life is fairly status quo while they are buying houses and having relationship issues? It's true I don't have a TON to say, but I might have something. This has been my pet peeve lately - having long conversations with people in which I ask them all sorts of questions about themselves and then walking away feeling like they didn't ask me anything and didn't really want to know. I'm sure it's probably my issue.

Mark can get around now thankfully so we went to the Please Touch Museum for an hour with Noah yesterday. Mark had never been. He SO enjoyed pushing those little grocery carts. He loves nothing more than grocery shopping. (Italics denotes sarcasm.) For the next two days Mark gets to accompany us on our playdates. Lucky man.

I've been trying to book plane tickets for my trip to Florida to see my sister Elisha and her new baby in August. I found a really great rate at the appropriate times on Monday but by the time all the parites involved got around to getting back to me (Elisha - though she's moving and pregnant so I understand she's busy) the fares were no good on the good flights. So now it's either wait for another discount fare (they have to get cheap, NOONE wants to fly to Orlando in August, right?) or book the crappy times. What do you think? I'm tired of spinning my wheels. I need help.

What we need help most with is housework, but no more help is coming. We best go get to it now that we have four functioning eyes and a napping baby.


Katy said...

Have you checked out I flew with them from Las Vegas to Dallas and it was pretty nice. Just a thought, they're cheap too. Good luck with the tickets.

PS I find myself with the opposite issue, I meet someone and talk and talk and talk and walk away realizing I'm such a jerk and that I didn't even ask them anything about themselves. So maybe they feel bad that they're jerks too :)

NME said...

Airtran is great for discount fares. I've used them in the past.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the really cheap tickets on the crappy flight times. We depart on a flight that goes from 9 to 11pm which means that Noahs schedule will be screwed from the get go - which is probably not so smart. But odds are his schedule would be erratic anyway and I have to remind myself that he can often roll with it better than I give him credit for. And I just could not pass up $415 total for 2 roundtrip tickets on Southwest to Orlando. The deal was just too good. And as my Dad pointed out - the late night flight might be less crowded and less noisy. We shall see.

Missuz J said...

I have your same issue. That is, when I'm not on the flip side, and talking my ass off.

Sometimes I even find myself kind of dropping hints--mentioning things and not going into detail just to kind of see if the other party is even paying attention.

Just catching up with your last few posts. Hope Mark's eye is on the mend. What a fiasco for you and your family!

patrice said...

I totally commented on this last week and it's gone. stupid blogger. and now it's monday and I don't remember what I wrote before.

that's odd about your friends from teaching. I thought they were usually good about asking after noah and your life - like moreso than some of our other friends. all I can say is that sometimes, my issues are so pressing to me, weighing on my mind, that I just unload and for the moment am consumed with my own issues and the other person is being so nice listening that I am lulled into thinking that it's all about me. I try not to let it happen too often, but sometimes it does. now, we know there are people notorious for doing that all the time, and that blows...but maybe these guys were just having an off day?

Jen O. said...

Do your former-teacher friends read this blog? If so, they may feel like they already know what's up with you. Even when you feel like you haven't blogged in a while, compared to many people, you're prolific!