Monday, May 22, 2006

An empty house

“Daddy? Daddy? An-Jess? An-Jess? Ah-wee?” This morning’s soundtrack has been a chorus of Noah inquiring about the whereabouts of others. With Mark home all last week with a lame eye Noah began thinking he was a permanent all day everyday fixture. And after reveling in the constant doting attention of his 11 year old Aunt Jess over the weekend, he was sadly disappointed that she wasn’t here to greet him this morning. And just a few hours of Grandma yesterday was a mere teaser. So he’s stuck with me – boring every day Mama. I took him to the park and out for pizza to alleviate some of his frustration with our population decline, but as soon as we headed home the calls for his departed comrades returned.

So our weekend was Jess-tastic. We drove out to Montgomery County on Friday night to see Jess perform a choreographed dance with four of her friends at her elementary school variety show. She was really energetic, knew her moves and was super cute. I was glad we went, but was a bit blindsided that the whole show took over two hours. Mark had to take Noah outside to use the playground equipment for awhile and then after they returned I violated the MCs request that people remain in their seats by chasing Noah and a ball back and forth in the rear of the cafeteria. Oh well. A happy toddler is much less disturbing and distracting than a screaming, upset toddler. For me especially.

On Saturday Jess, Noah and I went to Target and grocery shopping and after Noah’s nap we all went downtown to stroll around Rittenhouse Square and have dinner at More Than Just Ice Cream. After the boy hit bed, Jess and I were beat by Mark in a painfully prolonged round of Phase 10. On Sunday Jess and I went to Trader Joe’s and in the afternoon we all went to my cousin Tammy’s Masters Degree graduation party. Having Jess here was like a mini Mama vacation because Noah would much rather play with her than me and I just got to sit back and watch them have fun. I can’t even express to you how much I enjoy watching them bond. I get all super gushy inside.

My Mom brought a date to Tammy’s graduation party. My Mom has felt a bit worried about people perceiving her as dating “too early” after my stepfather’s death, but I’ve assured her that anyone who really knows her knows how lonely she’s been over the last five plus years and could be nothing but excited for her. After tending to my (sadly ungrateful) stepfather during his prolonged battle against terminal cancer, it’s great to see her having fun and spending time with someone who seems to think the world of her. It’s what she deserves – what we ALL deserve. In our brief interactions with her date he seemed friendly, funny and good natured – even when the wind grabbed a full plate of food off the table and threw it down his shirt. Which by the way is a slightly cruel but hysterical thing to do a person meeting the family – and an excellent way to see someone’s true colors. I recommend it to all of you interviewing the dates of your family members.

So we’re sort of back to status quo around here and it will take some time to adjust. I hope we get our routine back together before we’re hauled off screaming by the dustbunnies.


patrice said...

awww, I know what you mean about jess and noah. I feel that way about trent and bella.

a plate of food down the shirt? oh, that's priceless. and yes, a good indication of the kind of person he is.

and hell no, it's not too soon. and anyone who has the gall to even make that determination for another person should be ashamed of themselves.

Jen O. said...

The dating-after-the-death-of-your-significant-other thing is a very common and very touchy situation. I know my mom felt the same way as your mom. More often than not, they're dealing less with the perceived gossip of others and more with their own feelings of guilt.

But there's no need to feel guilty. No one else can determine for you what the appropriate black-veil time is. I'm happy that your mom has found someone to share her time with.

Missuz J said...

I've played some of those Phase 10 games that begin to feel like Phase ONE BILLION!

That's sweet that your mom had a date, and with a nice man. Kudos for her.