Thursday, May 11, 2006

May Buddha forgive us

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Noah’s “Da-Doe” (Pa Joe) and “Moo-Moo” (Oma). We took a walk, ate Chinese buffet and cavorted toddler style. It was a really nice visit. Da-Doe, Noah and I are planning our trip to Florida to visit my sister Elisha after she has her baby boy in early August. I’m excited to meet my new baby nephew and to have Noah spend some time with Elisha’s family (her Mom’s side – my ex- step sisters). But I’ll be sad to leave Mr. Mark behind. I don’t think I’ve spent a week away from him in 8 years. Plus isn’t the weather in Orlando area Florida absolutely deadly in August? Elisha should really be giving birth in October.

This afternoon Ms. Frannie will be spending a few hours with us while her Mom does some work for an event. Noah’s looking forward to seeing “Nee-Nee.” We’ve actually just started a busy two week period – good busy, mostly socializing and fun. Which of course means though I might have some more interesting stuff to blog about, I might not have the time to do it. And so it goes.

By now you know that Noah is a fairly sensitive boy. Small things often make big impacts on him. I have a few more examples:

Our house is being systematically monitored by an angry bird. Over the weekend some whack bird started periodically squawking at our house like she’d gone off her meds. If I didn’t know better I’d assume we’d ransacked her nest and stolen her babies. When our cat Parker is staring out the window she takes pleasure in taunting him – flying straight toward the window and daring him to take a flying leap. As a result of her crazy antics Mark and I kept talking about the “angry bird.” It was no time before Noah started imitating her squawking and referencing the “angry… bird… angry… bird.”

The other day Noah was playing with a small plastic Buddha figurine we had on a book case in the living room. It’s the kind of thing you get in Chinatown for two bucks and because it’s hard plastic I thought it was indestructible. Wrong. Noah flung it to the floor and the head fell off. And despite both Mark and I assuring Noah that it was okay – he was really distressed. He whimpered, whined and kept saying “Buddha” and gesturing at his head. Possibly fifty times during the course of the evening. And a handful more every day for the last three days. I guess he’s a tad sheepish about causing injury to the enlightened one.

On Tuesday night I went out for a few hours and a few beers with Patrice and Jen Mc. I left when Mark got home and had to be back before Noah’s bedtime. It was short but sweet. While I was out the boys were living it up testosterone style. Shortly before I got home Mark was “sitting” on Noah’s plastic riding car, legs akimbo when he pretended to fall off, landing with a big “UH-OH.” Noah cried. Mark had to reassure him that all was well, he wasn’t hurt. Noah was SO worried about Mark’s fall. When I got home and repeatedly since he’s said “Daddy… car… Uh Oh.”

Oh- and the bug bite. The doc said that I should keep Neosporin on it and as long as it didn’t grow bigger or get pussy that all was well. Later gators.


patrice said...

he has got an incredible memory. seriously. it's so sweet and just a little sad that he's so empathetic. which, by the way, is really advanced, too. he's going to be a nice boy, the kind that other moms are going to look at and be like "why can't little gunther be as nice as noah?"

Katiemagic said...

What a sweet boy you have. We also have an angry bird. Every morning he starts pecking at the same window. Sometimes he's there all day. It drives the dauggers crazy.

Stine said...

How sweet that he was worried about hurting the Buddha. What a sensitive little kid.