Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photos from the front

On Sunday we made a trip to Grandma's house so Noah could spend some time with his cousins (second or once removed?) Evan and Aelan. And afterwards we went out to dinner with Pa Joe. It was a gorgeously beautiful family-rific day.

We took advantage of the gorgeous spring day on Tuesday and headed to the zoo. Along with the rest of the free world. Noah got SO excited when he saw the zoo train that he nearly ran in front of it. He pleaded to ride. Wendy and I scraped together the $6 it took to put the kids on the ride and just before it started Noah panicked and said he didn't want it to go. I promptly took him off and offered Wendy his place. Noah's been reliving that drama for days now and I have promised numerous times that he and I will ride together next time.

Last night we went to South Philly to meet Jen & Mark's new puppy Hugo. He's a very sweet and sassy French Bulldog. Hugo was a bit too puppy rambunctious for Noah to really enjoy him - what with all the licking, chewing and frolicking. But he talked about him alot today, while I just kept wishing we were still having pizza with Jen & Mark and Marra's. YUM.

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Kodi said...

oh my god, the sweetness is almost unbearable. you are such a good mother. back when kiri was little, i was so uptight i would have forced her screaming ass to ride the train and traumatized her for life.
i still have the christmas magnet of noah on my fridge. can you have a baby for me next time? i'd like one just like noah, the little rascal.