Monday, April 02, 2007


Noah’s new obsession is the circus. We read a circus counting book at playgroup the week before last and ever since we’ve heard constant talk of clowns, fire eaters, tight rope walkers, and trapeze artists. And once again I’m lending fuel to the fire with the Youtube clips. I love having access to the internet to give him more knowledge on the things he shows interest in – but it means I’m also kicking myself when he asks to see them nine million times. I can’t sit in front of the computer without him saying “I want to see something.” Of course it isn’t just the online video clips that use to encourage whatever short-lived fascination he is harboring – we act things out, look for things on TV (when the hell is Cirque coming back on Bravo), and read any books we can get our hands on. Last night I ordered him an “All About the Circus” DVD. If it gets here in time it will go in his Easter basket along with a bunch of art supplies. Rather than loading up on a million chocolates and jelly beans, Noah’s getting stickers, paints, beads, paper and Play Doh. And just a little bit of candy to make it more interesting. We dyed some eggs today with Wendy and Victor but since Noah wanted to eat them all right away, we already have plans to dye more before the end of the week. And Easter plans? We’re once again having two dinners – at my Dad’s at noon and at my Mom’s place (with the in-laws) at 4pm. It should be a hectic but very fun day.

Oh – back to the little entertainer. We still have the occasional lion or dragon dance but the bulk of our time is spent dancing like clowns or balancing on things like tightrope walkers. The thing that kills me is that the boy is constantly putting on a show – and exclaiming “Audience clap!” If I ask him to say “Hello” to someone he doesn’t know well he’ll hang his head, yet he’ll walk up to complete strangers and say “I’m a clown” and start dancing.

What else is going on around here? I can’t think of too much. Spending lots of time out of doors, with Noah’s pals, with family. Ya know - the good stuff. The boy is growing – his 2T clothes are too small, yet the 3Ts are ginormous. He’s also been dropping a lot of naps lately. He seems to manage without for a day or two but on the third day he’s exhausted. He must have told me eight times this morning that he was sleepy and he went down this afternoon like a ton of bricks. But it seems a near certainty that naps will soon be a thing of the past, and I’m already mourning them.

I’ve been pricing and comparing bunk beds for Noah’s room. I figure with two boys they’re a good thing to have since I’ve heard lots of siblings actually prefer to sleep in the same room. Plus they’re good for sleepovers and whatnot. Not to mention that I wanted one desperately when I was a kid. I’m leaning towards getting him a model with a full mattress on the bottom and a single on the top. We have both size mattresses and we have to do something with the full mattress that was moved to “OUR ROOM” on the third floor when we move our queen mattress back up there from the “guest room” where we have been sleeping to be closer to Noah. And with the babies room as the former guest room we’d like to eventually put a futon for guests in the office. In fact I realized yesterday that we’ll have to get that sooner rather than later since Grandma will need a place to sleep when she comes to stay with Noah when the baby is being born. You following this? I barely am. I have the IQ of a flea – blame it on pregnancy stupidity. After telling Noah that a daffodil was a dandelion it took me ten minutes after realizing that wasn’t right to think of the word for daffodil. And this rambling post is a mess.

I’m looking forward to my OB checkup tomorrow – I like knowing everything seems copasetic. Gestation seems to be going pretty well. I feel much more energetic, which means I overdo it until I’m completely wiped out – but that’s just the price of doing business. The only thing that’s getting on my nerves is all this round ligament pain. I constantly feel like my left leg is going to just fall out of its hip socket.

I know – you want cute anecdotes. And I should have a million but I haven’t been good about taking notes lately. I’ll have some soon. I promise. That is if I can remember how to string words together.


OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Clowns - Circus great fascinations for a little guy! (hey as an adult I like them too!)

We love the twin/full bunk bed my daughter got for her boys. I was surprised on how little difference there was in a twin mattress size and the full.

Sounds like lots of furniture moving in the near future - I love to rearrainge and swap out bedrooms so I'm a little jealous, it's like getting a whole new house.

You know Pregnancy brain is something REAL so don't beat yourself up too much. Back when I had kids people joked about it and accused me of using it as an excuse - but when my girls were pregnant I read in books it's a very real thing that will return to normal within the first year after birth (not that that is very helpful - but know you are not losing it!)

Missuz J said...

Soph went through a circus thing last summer. She's stand on a rock/chair/table and bellow, "Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Presenting mommy the ....." and fill in the blank with clown, lion, etc. My job was to then act like one of the above.

I always shared a room growing up, and even though it was tricky sometimes and I complaned about it a lot, I think it's why Mand and I are so close.