Thursday, May 03, 2007

And these are the days of the week

*edit* I posted this earlier today in a ramshackle mess. But I guess it was shorter, so it had that going for it. Here is a version that makes hella more sense.

For Pete’s sake. Where to start? So many fun things have been going on – and though nobody probably likes to read laundry lists of activities I still want to preserve what we’ve been up to and let the interested parties know. I have to think of a good way to do this. How about bulleted daily highlights?

- Friday – Noah spent about an hour playing in rain puddles. He was soaked to the bone and covered in grit. But possibly the most excited and exuberant he’s been in his whole life.

- Saturday – Noah and Mark had a blast at swim lessons. Noah’s learning how to put his face in the water and blow bubbles. Meanwhile I went through piles of Noah's baby clothes in the basement to realize that a November baby has little to offer a summer newborn. Then we went to a ramshackle community event at the local library which was not noteworthy except they had drummers and dancers there. A Noah favorite. And then had a STELLAR dinner at the new restaurant that opened on the next block from us – Modo Mio. Amazing. (Oh – also meant to mention last week that we enjoyed a nice lunch at the new Hot Potato CafĂ© on Girard in Fishtown. But the dinner menu looks pricey – so try lunch.)

- Sunday – Outdoor fun in the AM and a trip to the Fairmount Arts Crawl in the afternoon. - The Fairmount Art Center, where Noah had taken his art class, displayed art by the children including one piece by Noah. They also had crafts out for the kids to do (Noah made a beaded bracelet) and Noah enjoyed seeing his teacher. There were also musicians playing outside around the neighborhood and Noah enjoyed the “ROCK AND ROLL!” There was a sudden downpour that we escaped by ducking in to a pizza shop for a fast but delicious dinner. Oh – and we rode the trolley. That in and of itself is always exciting.

- Monday – errands day. Blah.

- Tuesday – I had a very early very fast prenatal checkup. All is good for the most part. My body is not bonding iron properly which is weird but not unsolvable. When I asked what I could do about my near constant pain in the pelvis and hip joints my doc said “Stay off your feet!” HAAA! She’s a regular comedian. After I got home Wendy and I took the boys to the Y for some aquatic fun. Noah is already considerably more comfortable in the water. It’s great. He just kept saying “I’m having so much fun.” And in the water I didn’t even feel pregnant – like a weightless floating, painless bubble. Divine. Afterwards they came back to our place for lunch and swept away just as Janette and Jules showed up to take their place for more play and a dinner date. Followed by a jaunt to the playground. See how I stayed off my feet ALL DAY LONG.

- Wednesday – Babysat the sweet, dear Ella who laughed maniacally when I dropped a bottle of balsamic vinegar on the floor and the glass shattered everywhere. Noah however stood aside looking and acting greatly concerned. My little daredevil. More playgrounding in the evening. It seems ridiculous not to take the boy outside for slide and ladder time once a day.

- Thurday – Fishtown playroup and lunch at Wendy’s, followed by a stop at Rita’s to share a custard twist cone with sprinkles. And more playground. Tonight I leave the boys to frolic while I shop for bras. My cups runneth overs. And rippeth and poketh too.

- The future - Tomorrow is Girard Nights and we’ll probably go to Noah’s playgroup to see some Aztec music and dancing. And then pack for our exotic trek to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. We’ll have several days packed with trains, farms, horses, buggies, Amish, loads of reasonably priced cheap buttery foods, and more. And all on a budget.

And no post is complete without some Noah quotes. A very common addition and one that is causing me much consternation is “Don’t yell at me.” After which I typically explain that I wouldn’t be raising my voice if he listened the first time I asked nicely – and that I don’t want to yell and I don’t want him to yell, so let’s work together. Soon I’ll be mediating peace treaties. And “WHY?” God. I hear this 100 times a day. I thought this was more a four year old thing. Of course I could do without the even occasional “Fine! Just leave me alone.” He’s a generally a really obedient and well behaved boy – but no kid is without sass. But nothing can undo things like “You are a good Mama to me,” “We are all a family” and “I will love it forever and ever.”

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OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Hey just think without the Sass in first listed Noah's quotes the sweetness of the last Noah's quotes wouldn't ring as loud!

Sounds like you've had a GREAT time this week - I love watching kids play in puddles or rain (without the lightening of course) - fond memories of my own children and of course this GRANDMA is who taught the grandsons to jump in puddles (I look silly doing by myself so I must have company - hehehe) Hope your trip is WONDERFUL!