Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let them eat cake?

If you haven't yet read it, please check out this article "You are what you grow."

"The article is about the Farm Bill, and the choices we make as a nation to subsidize the least-nutritious commodity agricultural products, at the expense of the healthy stuff. He describes the consequences that these choices have on our health, as well as our environment, immigration policy, our schools, and more."

And once you've read it, and feel adequately overwhelmed and outraged - please follow the call to action put forth in the comments section of this post. It only takes a second to send an email to congress. Thanks again to Allison for bringing it, and so much more to my attention.

Oxfam has provided the following nutshell synopsis of the Farm Bill issue, but please read the article for more enlightening detail:

"This year, Congress will debate a new Farm Bill, which for five years will set policies that could either help small farmers at home and abroad-or keep them struggling.

The current Farm Bill represents a broken promise to America's farmers and rural communities, and it falls short of meeting its obligations to families that depend on food stamps and conservation programs that protect rivers and streams. To make things worse, the current Farm Bill actually hurts poor farmers in developing countries.

Please contact your members of Congress today using the letter below (available HERE) and ask them to create a Farm Bill that reduces misguided subsidies and shifts those resources to support the programs that really need the money.

Members of Congress listen to their constituents. Your voice could make all the difference! Use it now to tell Congress to put your tax money to work for farmers, families, and our future."


juliloquy said...

Thanks NME, for bringing this to my attention. I visited the oxfam site and sent the letter. Go carrots!

Alison said...

I am SO glad that I'm not the only one who gets fired up about this. Thanks for spreadin' the word...go carrots, indeed!