Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Higgeldy Piggeldy

Despite the decided lack of Spring-like weather and fertile natural rebirth that I consider Easter to be a celebration of, our Easter was rather delightful. Noah enjoyed hunting for eggs four times, and received a landslide of art supplies, toys and candy. We saw a bevy of family at two lovely gluttonous meals – and everyone seemed happy and to be having a fine time. I was very impressed by the fact that not only did my Dad hide eggs for Noah in 38 degree weather – he also had dyed them himself. And I was overjoyed watching Noah scampering around Grandma’s house with his cousins – those by blood, and those soon to be by marriage. It was really a nice day. Some folks dread the family functions, and I admit at times I have been in that camp. But with Noah I have a newfound appreciation for our family circle and how much love we get.

I have a bunch of pedestrian mis-matched stuff to mention, so please bear with me while I get some of this out there. First off I have to talk about something that has been causing me great agony – my hair. I got it cut a couple of weeks ago and though at first I didn’t mind it much, over time I’ve grown to hate it. And you know how when you get your haircut and noone comments on it you can tell it looks BAD – because if it looked good at all people would compliment you on it. There are a few problems. First off – I now have bangs. My problem with this is that bangs don’t work for me. By the end of the day they are oily and not lying correctly and I want nothing more than to get them out of my face. The second problem is that the cut is probably too long for my face shape, which is totally my fault because I’ve been hanging on to length as a novelty. The third issue is color – my hair has been it’s natural mousy brown for about two years now and I’m very sick of it. Because I never stopped nursing and I did a bunch of hair color/cancer research for a freelance client – I swore off dying my hair. And as I get older it gets more dark and mucky looking. I hate it. But I’m pregnant and afraid to do anything about it. Plus – it’s so pricey to get color and it’s a never-ending cycle of dying roots and whatnot. And speaking of pregnancy, color and hate – I’ll also mention that I’ve been meaning to whiten my teeth for three years now. I told myself I would do it as a reward for quitting smoking three years ago (YAY Me!) but because of the nursing and the chemicals I’ve kept putting it off. And after ten years of smoking they REALLY need it. REALLY. So yeah – I’m getting bigger by the minute, have bad skin, bad hair and yellow teeth. I’m a real winner.

On a more positive note – I’m very excited we made it on the list to join the Greensgrow CSA this year. With all the commentary (and blogs) I’ve read on the importance of eating more naturally and more locally – I think this is going to be a great step for us. Not only does the CSA provide fruit and greens – they also include milk, eggs, meat, fresh flowers, bread and the occasional local beer! It should be fun and challenging to figure out what we can make with everything we receive each week. I’ll keep you posted on any fun recipe discoveries.

I have a bunch of other stuff on the local front. A couple of weeks ago, thanks to all Mark’s efforts to help green our neighborhood, we got a street tree planted in front of our house. Right now Mr. Tree looks like a large twig, but hopefully he’ll soon be far more picturesque. Mark is doing a fine job thus far giving him 15 gallons of water every Saturday – and I think that is a huge accomplishment because every plant I’ve ever had died due to lack of water. This is of course why I am not scooping up a garden plot in our community garden at the end of the street. Mark said “Don’t you want to teach Noah how to garden?” My reply was “As soon as someone shows me, I’ll be happy to do so. Plus – I’ve never gardened before and I’m not going to start the summer I’m 8 months pregnant!” However we did help clean the garden this past Saturday, so hopefully just helping the other gardeners out will be a good lesson. Anything else community related? Oh – we’re supporting Matt Ruben for Philadelphia City Council at Large. He did an incredibly job as the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association president – and I know he’d be a great advocate for change on the City Council. So if you're voting in the Philadelphia primaries I highly recommend him.

Do I sound like some sort of developing urban hippie? We’ve just tried to become more aware and involved since Noah was born – and honestly Mark does the bulk of the legwork on most stuff. But I try to be moderate in most things – striving to be thoughtful but not extremist. But then again maybe it’s ridiculous to give your kid very watered down organic apple juice and then feed him Twizzlers. Who knows? I guess we’re all just trying our best.

Hmmm. What else? Noah’s art class ends next week. We’ll be sad to see it go. He really loved it. For his next class I’m planning to enroll him in swimming lessons at the YMCA. That should get him water ready for our beach trip at the end of June. And I'm in a tizzy over considering whether to enroll him in some sort of limited preschool program in the Fall or just hold off - but that's a whole other post.

OH the baby! I’ve dreaded mentioning this because it’s such a minefield and though I want to hear opinions, I also don’t. But here it is. NAMES. We are still at a loss for a baby name for this boy. For the longest time Ray was at the top of our list – not Raymond, just Ray – and I still really like that. But I’m not feeling convinced. What do you think? Somehow completely independent of any connection to Billy Ray Cyrus (I SWEAR!) I also like Cyrus – Cy for short. I picked it up from Cy Tolliver on Deadwood – and I like that Cyrus means “the sun,” but anytime I mention it to people I don’t get a very positive response. Thoughts? Also on my list, though not necessarily Mark’s – are Quinn, Luke, Gabriel, Konrad, Lee, Reed, Dean, Alden, and Glenn. Though Mark has specifically said we should not pick another biblical name so as not to convince others we are Bible thumpers – and that he doesn’t like Glenn or Dean. I like Konrad, it’s a family name, but I don’t want my boy called Connie. Input? I can’t promise I will take your opinions as gospel, but I will consider them.


patrice said...

I wouldn't necessarily worry about the nicknames - it has always been tempting for people to call me pat or patty, but I've never fallen into that trap. so if his name is konrad and you don't want connie, then don't call him connie. when he gets older, he'll correct people if they try to shorten it. I do like that name.

my opinion on the bible names is also eff everyone else. you may choose a name that happens to be in the bible - doesn't mean anything more than that.

in the end, it's basically you and the baby that have to live with the name. screw everyone else.

and I will throw Firedancer Extreme Boy Eggerts out there for you.

juliloquy said...

I think Ray is really cute. Quinn and Gabriel were on our list for Shmoo. We know a 5-year-old Alden who is sweet and sensitive. (They live in Oregon, so it's unlikely you'll run into each other!) They call him Aldi. It is such a personal thing. I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name.

Alison said...

(did you get this comment already? or did I just not type the word verification in correctly?)

Okay, first: you will love the CSA, I am sure of it. If nothing else, you will probably eat far more vegetables, and different types of vegetables than you would have otherwise, and that's reason in itself.

Second: YAY YOU for quitting smoking. Get those teeth whitened. And then go get a massage. And then take yourself out to dinner. With dessert. Because seriously? That's awesome.

I like those names, pretty much all of them. The thing with names is that everybody has associations with every name...a name always reminds them of some kid from elementary school or sleepaway camp, and if the child with that name happened to push them down on the playground once, or wrote a mean note, or threw up on their feet during glee club...well...then they think they don't like the name. When what they really don't like is the person.

But then your baby will come along and will be perfect and adorable and funny, and they'll get a whole new association with the name. They'll stop thinking of the glee-club-vomit and start thinking about your bouncing, gurgling, laughing little ball of wonder, and suddenly they'll love the name, or at least come to accept it. So I'm with Patrice. Eff everyone else.

Missuz J said...

I've been meaning to get my teeth whitened for EVER. Years. Soon. Also, today I am having a totally greasy, mousey, too long hair day as well, so we can be sista's.

My dad is Ray--well, Raymond, but everyone calls him Ray. He always says, "Like a golden ray of sunshine." So--I'm predisposed, but I like ray. And the rest of your names. Particularly, though again with no reference to Mr. Achy Breaky, Cyrus. If Soph was a boy, we were going to name her Lucas. Lucas Griffin (Griffin is my grandmothre's maden name.) Now it sounds a bit weird, but I really liked it at the time.

If all else fails, name him after my word verification. "hdniioha"

Katiemagic said...

I'm sure you look beautiful right now, although I know it's hard to feel that way.

I like Konrad a lot. And Ray. We met a little guy named Jack the other day and I thought that was really cute. I like Jake too, although Kent thinks those fit into the Tom, Dick , Harry category.

p.s. a three year old Noah lives next door to us and it makes me think about you guys every time we see him.

juliloquy said...

Oh, just thought of this: is henna hair tint safe for pregnancy/nursing? That might be an option. Either that or leftover Easter egg dye. :)

Have a nice weekend!

M.Thom said...

I love the name Alden! However, I would not do Aldi for short because 'round these parts (do I sound like I live in Monroe County?), Aldi is a discount grocery store. Do you have those down in the Phila area?

Of the three that seem to be in the front running, I like Cyrus. Although, now that I think of it, Noah's idea of Ice Cream sounds good too!

As for not going the Bible route, some Biblical names are just so nice. I love Luke and Gabriel. And I am NOT a Bible thumper!