Thursday, September 14, 2006

Uninspired mish mash

I haven’t been feeling bloggy lately. Like I don’t have much to say or the time to waste on it. Like I don’t want to bore anyone with the mundane details of our daily living. I hope that feeling passes soon. Here are some nuts and bolts that I have been thinking about blogging about but haven’t yet.

- We’re loving Franklin Square. A park that for years was used by few other than junkies and homeless because it was cut off from the surrounding areas by highway on ramps is now a lovely green space with a carousel, a golf course and a state of the art fenced in play area. It’s a shame it’s a bit of a hike for us – a forty minute walk – but probably for the best because if Noah lived closer to those neigh neighs we’d go broke paying for them.

- Oh how I’m missing the Philadelphia Fringe festival. Gone are the days of seeing ten performances and here are the days of seeing none. Ho hum. But Monday night Noah and I went to see my friend Janette perform because I knew she wouldn’t be mad at me if Noah got to rowdy and had to be rushed out. I’m happy to report however that Noah was an angel. He listened to his Mama about “watching and listening” and he peacefully observed and ate through a granola bar and a fruit leather during the show. There were only a couple of times I had to remind him to stay quiet when he began asking for music – I had told him there would be dancing and music in the show and he wanted MORE of both.

- Have you seen “Jack’s Big Music Show” on Noggin, the Nickelodeon preschooler channel? Noah LOVES it. I’m so surprised there isn’t any CDs, DVDs or merchandising for the show yet but I guess with the second season soon starting that it’s on the horizon. If you have cable and kids check it out. It’s cute, fun and the music is well done and infectious.

- Noah and I went to the zoo for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon to take advantage of the lovely weather and our membership which expires at the end of the month. It’s been amazing to see how his experience at the zoo has changed over the course of the year. He spent this visit telling all the animals to “Come out” and telling me he wanted to “Hold it.” Of course this meant he was very excited to interact with the goats at the petting zoo. He not only pet and brushed them but also began hugging and kissing them. I didn’t want to deter his affection but tried to gently caution him from kissing goats.

- Oh how I am dreading the cold weather. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the various parks and playgrounds in the area trying to take full advantage of the nice weather and the stress free activities. I know I’ll miss just chasing him around when I’m trying to keep him busy trapped in the house day after day after day.

- I ‘ve been feeling a bit exhausted lately. I’m worried that I should be doing more teaching and activities with Noah during the day and that I’m becoming a bit too tired and short tempered with his constant toddler testing. I feel like I could really use a Mommy break but not sure what would fit the bill. I went to yoga last night but all I could think about during the restorative class was things I need to do or fix. It was hardly relaxing.

- I’ve been contemplating taking a class. I want to learn something new. Something new and cheap. I was fairly serious about taking an adult education sewing class being given at a local charter school until I realized that not only would I have to buy and bring my own sewing machine to the class but also that once I had attained some sewing skills that I would have no time to use them.

- Any TV Mark and I watch is DVR’d – so we only watch what we intend to watch. This is great for the most part however it means I never just catch something new. Someone has to tell me to watch something so I can set it up to tape. And now that I’m out of saved episodes of "30 Days," "Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Lucky Louie" and "Design Star" – my cupboard is nearly bear. So my question is what new shows are supposed to be worth watching this Fall? What are you looking forward to seeing?


Carol said...

I am looking forward to the new show with Tina Fey and Matthew Perry - forget the name but it is from the creators of the West Wing and it is a 1-hour drama/comedy about life behind the scenes at a 'Saturday Night Live' show.

patrice said...

30 rock, carol...

I have my lineup of the usual: survivor, dancing w/ stars, TAR, PR, etc. I wish there were a new HBO series that was compelling. and of course I'm always full up on MSW. (murder she wrote, for those not in the know.) that and poirot. so if you need suggestions on what your oma should watch on TV, send me an email.

my opinion: you need a mommy break. a class. a hobby. winter is going to be long and I fear you'll burn out. take the sewing class. I'm sure you can get your hands on a machine. and you MAKE time to do the things you want to do. I'm positive mark would be supportive in letting you go sew for an hour or 2 every evening while he entertains noah. it would be good for both of them anyways.

Kat said...

Greys Anatomy. Love it!

You totally need a Mommy break. Are you interested in knitting? It's fairly easy to take a class or two at a local yarn store, you can make what you want (a cute scarf for the upcoming winter) and it doesn't require you to take more time that you care to give it. It can be inexpensive or expensive, challenging or mind numbingly easy it's all about what you choose to make. Plus you can always escape to a yarn store and knit there or to the library. It can go with you where ever you want! You can knit while Noah is watching TV and it's a little mini escape.

NME said...

I took a knitting class when I was pregnant and have a bag full of yarns and needles and a slip of a blanket in my closet. I think about picking it up occasionally but I never have the time or strong want to do it. It was looking back at the experience that made me wise up about taking the sewing class.

I think there are two SNL behind the scenes shows. One with Tina Fey called 30 Rock and one with Matthew Perry called Studio 60. I wonder which one of them will be good.

I already like Greys Anatomy and am waiting breathlessly for LOST to start. And Amazing Race and Survivor are major favorites - but
I feel like I should see more scripted television.

Allison said...

The show w/ Matthew Perry is called "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and the show w/ Tina Fey is "30 Rock" Seems they are two different shows and they aren't in them together. Same SNL thing going on though. Other new shows I'm looking forward to are "Smith", "Six Degrees", "Brothers & Sisters".

I am also anxiously awaiting the return of Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives next week! We DVR everything too, if we didn't we'd probably never see any complete show or movie ;)

Katiemagic said...

I heard Friday Night Lights is good, but I'm skeptical.

I too am in need of a mommy break. Wanna go grab a drink?

Carol said...

Figures I had the 2 shows confused/combined. I think I would bet on Tina Fey before Matt Perry. I have been hearing about a show called something like 'Sunny in Philadelphia'. I probably have the title not quite right - but since you always liked shows based in Phili - I was wondering if you ever saw it?

Kodi said...

Okay, I'm embarrased to reveal this because I'm in no way fashionable, trendy, or creative about clothes....but I LOVE project runway. Maybe some of it will rub off.